Coming soon (teaser)


Hello everyone,

We’ve posted some movies rendered with our next shader package… The new package will allow some cool subtle effects (or not so subtle :rolleyes: ) as custom highlights, diffraction, pixel-density based shading or refraction without raytracing…

Comments welcomed!
(Igor & Igor are you around here?)



I’m in a state of shock. Amazing, well done K-Team!

Can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on them :cool:

One question, what is “pixel-density based shading”? I’m befuddled <- blimey, I didn’t know that was actually a word! :slight_smile:



Hi, Ian

>> One question, what is “pixel-density based shading”?

Each rendered pixel covers a some “area” or “spot” of model’s geometry. The shader just allows to change material attributes depending from size of this spot. The produced result looks like an “intelligent mix” of edge density and fade by distance


good work guys!



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