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Legacy post

A very close friend of mine has volunteered to give some anatomy workshops for us.

I am still Ironing out the details, but here are some pics of some of her art. (Some of the pieces posted here are based on educational mateiral she has studied )



Sounds GREAT! When may we expect this??:thumbsup: :bounce: :love:


Here are some more educational pieces she has made before…



Rebecca has a BA (mayor in Illustration) from Art Center of Desing in Pasadena, CA.

She graduated with honors, and she studied under Burne Hogarth (yes that guy) for a year before he died.




Thanks for the enthusiasm!!! Roberto and I are working out a few details, hopefully we will be starting this within the week. Look forward to seeing your work! :slight_smile:


My WIP Painting:


Most folks are posting here:



I was about to say those look like Burne Hogarth drew them.

You are so very lucky to study under a master like him.


Hey, WyattHarris,

Yeah, Burne was an incredible guy who could bust out a demo like you could not believe. I certainly can’t pretend to be like him, but I have definitely benefitted from his amazing tutelage. There were also great teachers I learned a great deal from at Art Center – Harry Carmean being one of them. It’s funny, I was incredibly lucky, because I was in the last classes of Hogarth, Carmean, and several other great drawing / painting profs that really blew my mind – so I am excited to think that I could share a bit of what I learned from them :slight_smile:


Most folks are posting here:

My WIP Painting:


So will we post our attempts here for critique after this stats or do we just watch and drool?


Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us!
These anatomies look wonderful! :stuck_out_tongue:



Great to see you here! Roberto and I just posted rules here.

Visit the main REBECCA KIMMEL’S Anatomy Review page for the latest info!

Looking forward to seeing your work!


Thanks for the compliments! Hope to see you on the main REBECCA KIMMEL’S Anatomy Review page. Things should be getting started soon :slight_smile:



Please click here for the main page and a list of recommended Art Supplies and Reference Materials, thanks!



wow, girl this is like dynamic anatomy revisited, supreme work indeed:thumbsup:



Thanks for the compliment! Definitely post on the main page, here!

Look forward to your posts!


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