A very close friend of mine has volunteered to give some anatomy workshops for us.

I am still Ironing out the details, but here are some pics of her work…
(Some of the pieces posted here are based on educational mateiral she has studied )



Sounds great! her work is very good!


nice work. I’m looking forward to that! I hope it happens before my holidays. :thumbsup:


Here are some more educational pieces she has made before…



Lovely stuff! Sure hope to learn a lot from her…I love anatomy and am always on the lookout for things like this!

May I be the teacher’s pet? :smiley:


Rebecca did an informal lesson on Sunday for a small sketch group in DC, and take it from me: she does some damned good work. :slight_smile:


Is she a member of SOFA by any chance?.. over at is a guy who goes by Mentler, its what inspired me to buy a few anatomy books and get drawing


Rebecca has a BA (mayor in Illustration) from Art Center of Desing in Pasadena, CA.

She graduated with honors, and she studied under Burne Hogarth (yes that guy) for a year before he died.



Wow! Roberto, this is going to be awesome!


DoInferno –

Thanks! I really look forward to this!

anim_ziggy –

Thank you for the compliment. When are your holidays?

paperclip –

Thank you! It’s nice to hear that other folks are interested in anatomy too. Can’t wait to see your work!!!

LoTekk –

Thank you for the plug :slight_smile: I hope you will participate. We’ll miss you!!! But CGTalk is a great way to stay in touch :slight_smile:

TheCleaner –

Nope, not a member of SOFA, but I prolly should be – looks like a cool site, with really cool artists.

Thany –

Thanks for the enthusiasm!!! Can’t wait for this to get on track :slight_smile:

Roberto –

Special thanks for setting this up – you are a great organizer and comer-upper of ideas!!!

My WIP painting:


Maximum respect to RebeccaK. Those images rock.

Will you have a book coming out with your drawings? They look like great reference material.



Thanks for the enthusiasm!!! I appreciate the feedback – this is really cool. It’s amazing that all these cool artists are responding to my stuff – so I can’t wait to begin. Looking forward to seeing your work!!

As for a book, I tend to do a lot of drawing from existing reference, so I doubt that any book will be forthcoming…but it’s cool to entertain the idea of putting together a book of my own work, drawings from life, etc. We all learn a lot from one another, after all…


My WIP painting


Humm a book… that is a great idea.



Wow - Rebecca, that is some AWESOME WORK!! :bounce:



Thanks a lot!!! I hope that you’ll participate in this – I’m thinking it will be a lot of fun! I just love to see everyone’s work – this is a great time to be an artist :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your posts :slight_smile:



“Burne Hogarth”, i have an open book of him lying beneath me in the moment! :slight_smile:

i´m looking very forward to the anatomy session! very cool idea, much appreciated and coming with perfect timing! it should be fun!

great work, rebecca! :arteest: and thanks, roberto! :bounce:



Thank you, this will be great! Burne was definitely the premiere master, no? I can’t wait to see your work! :slight_smile:


My WIP painting:


wow, this is a chance for me to try real anotamy
especially muscula men’s figure <-- “Don’t take it wrong, just for drawing, nothing else” :slight_smile:



I’m thrilled that you’re interested in anatomy, it’s always a treat to share what you “know” with peers :slight_smile: so I am looking forward to seeing your work. I think in truth it is sometimes better to draw men than women, since they frequently (not always, of course!) have more defined muscles and are a bit easier to draw since their features are not so “soft”.

Looking forward to your sharing your work :slight_smile:


My WIP painting:


Who can resist drawing the smooth curves of a woman. :smiley:

Anyway, when this workshop thing starts in whatever form, Ill be sure do drop in!