coming soon Photo Studio for Vray


Hi Guys+Girls,

I love mental ray, but so many Guys+Girls love Vray, and ask me every years:“Why not Photo Studio vor Vray?” I think, i love peoples too, and have programming it for Vray. My Jobs i do in mental ray. :wink:

here a Screen Shot & Rendertest

have fun!


Hi Vlado,

all Option works, only the “highlights, midtone, shadow, etc.” will not work. What i do wrong.

Second, i must set “3DS Max photometric scale” to off. than works correct. Is this OK? All Other Options works here.

At last, how can i render a Image without exposure, save as openexr, load as Background Image and exposure than the Image in realtime.

hot chip


This is incredibly exciting!! Great news :slight_smile:


thank you Michael for the nice comment. If we can fix the two Problems, can i released.


Hi Guys+Girls,

I am finish. Photo Studio for Vray is now available to download on my Website.

it give some Limitation in Vray Version.

  • no Panorama Camera
  • no Highlight, Shadow, Midtones, Vlado will that you do it in VFB. Sorry.
  • no realtime exposure…
  • all other works!

download here:

have fun!

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Hi Guys,+Girls,

It give a Update (same build!). it´s not so easy the new physical camera and Vray daylight System. :slight_smile:

  • The Option " 3DS Max physical Scale"must be “on”. The Update don´t tuch this Option, default is now “on”.
  • i use here physical scale of 80.000. this work correct.
  • i use VRAY IES light and the “Power”-Option = energy
  • camera distortion works not with camera motion blur

here a new testrendering daylight + vray ies light. :slight_smile:

PS: New for Vray Guys. What is physical scale?

  • White = 1.0 = 32Bit
  • White = 256R ,256G ,256B = 16 Bit
  • physical scale = White every time!
  • if i set physical scale to 80.000 is White = 80.000 = 1 0 (convert to 16Bit = 256R,256G,256B)
  • if i set physical scale to 1500, is White = 1500 = 1.0 (convert to 16Bit = 256R,256G,256B)
  • if i set physical scale to 1500, and use a Vray IES Power of 3000 = 2.0 = 2 x White


Hi Guys + Girls,

it give a new build (1050919). I have only Change the Default Value 80.000 to 1500 physical scale. 80.000 works not good.

download Photo Studio for Vray:

Video Tutorials:

have fun

hot chip