Coming Soon: MATTE WARS (Paint a Matte painting in one day)


One idea that has been floating around my head is to do now and then some matte painting in our forum.

I wanted to ask you guys for ideas on this topic, and source plates(ie photos, digital video) that you have have shooted.

Post your topics and links to your files
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This should be a great challenge! Hmm gotta do some research!


that’s really cool. I never really did a matte painting but I wanted to do it for a while now.
I have a bunch of high res environment photos hanging around on my computer, I’ll see what I can do.


This could be really fun! I have loads of hi-res pics from my trip to New Zealand this past Spring. We were on a “Lord of the Rings” tour - but it might be fun to use them in a non-LOTR setting. Hmmm…


You went on the Rings tour??? seethes with envy



so i’m not quite sure what a matte painting is…i mixture of photos and paint or something…?


yea something like that… basically it is a mixing of photos and changing a lot of stuff in the process like the mood. here are some resources: (did matte paintings for LotR)


Thanks for the great links Garma! I didn’t know what “matte-painting” was either. It sure looks time consuming… not that most everything isn’t.


you’re welcome GOT :slight_smile: I posted some more resources in the dsg topic thread.


You should keep this one sticky Roberto, this is a fun project for Christmas/new year.


One of the best matte paints I’ve seen (and it was a true paint, not a digital/photo composite), was the hoth mattes in Empire Strikes Back by Mike Pangrazio. I did a double take when I realised it wasn’t a photo. Best damn snow landscape I’ve ever seen.


Could someone explain what a matte painting really is? Is it like drawing more to a photo or drawing a whole image not just a character or so?

Never really got it so far… :slight_smile:


A matte painting is a visual effects technique almost as old as cinema.

The idea is quite simple.

Take a previously shot scene, and expand the enviroment with a painting.

A classic example is the ending shot of Raiders of The Lost Ark in the Washington DC warehouse where the ark finally is stored.



But the idea is not to use two photographs and expand one’s environment with another?
It’s about literally painting the new environment to the photo you use?


The idea is to EXPAND/ MODIFY the enviroment.
For example, if I posted a picture of the capitol, you could paint it
either in ruins, or with a flying sucer on top of it.

What makes this concept cool is that it is usally used for visual effects.

Just take some digital footage, usually shot with a locked camera, paint an
imaginative backdrop,add affer effects (but for us a paint program Photoshop is more than enough) and presto!

Trust me, ALL OF US can do it



wait, do we paint ONTO the pictures? or recreate them entirely?


wait a minute… do we paint onto the picture? or recreate it entirely?

'cause i can do one of those, and not the other :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: eep, sorry for double post, there was an errory thing


I’d like to see at least one round that isn’t photo-sourced. I guess that might be hard to do in a day though, since it’s more time consuming to paint from scratch.


tutorials of how some people are modding their cars… without spending any money… this classify as a matte? or just image manip?


Actually this is what I have in mind: