Comic books that would make good movies....


Okay, another comic book topic that shouldn’t be too bad. What comic books would translate well or would you like to see made into a movie? Here’s a list of my picks:
[li]“Calvin & Hobbes” (The only comics I’ve ever read thoroughly.)
[/li][li]“Darkchylde” (Never read it, but the idea is cool!)
[/li][li]“Painkiller Jane” (Nice name, too!)


Rogue Trooper


Hiraoki Samura’s “Blade Of The Immortal”. Now that movie would just ROCK!!! :buttrock:


I think a lot of the 2000AD strips might make cool films.

( I know Judge Dredd was done, but it was done really badly imo…)

I’d like to see…

“Rogue Trooper”
“Durham Red”
“Strontium Dog”
and maybe “Nemesis” and “Glimmer Rats”

Edit: Good call Rebo



wehee 600 posts :), that was easy :wink:


Slaine would rock! but with Bisley as concept artist and director of photography… though keeping bisley’s visual style in a movie should be a difficult task.


The Sandman.


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac!


Definitaly Preacher, and Akira (life action ofcourse)


Groo the Wanderer.


Valerian, Spatio-Temporal Agent


Invisibles: Love tosee a whole series of moveis on this…makes matrix look like lkids stuff (which it is hehe)


Batman Year One (if done dark and right)

Preacher…if a trilogy? at least 2 movies…

Hellblazer…witha actual BRITISH ACTOR AND CORRECT NAME!!!(damnit… constantine with keanu…how sad.)

And for some reason on the cheesy super hero Kick I still have trouble beleiving we dont have an iron man movie…seems so logical and such room for visually cool stuff… Not a uge fan of the character…but the idea seems like it could be movie stuff real easy.

A ton of others i wont go into right now. Mostly independant stuff.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Mister Blank
Barry Ween


‘Get Fuzzy’, by Darby Conley

‘Johnny the Homocidal Maniac’ by Johnen V.

ummm… that would be cool… If you could get copyright thingys from them


The Sandman

Not sure which ones would be made into a movie though…


I want to see “Death - The High Cost of Living” realised. :slight_smile:

Death is more fun than Dream.


I’ve been meaning to pick up with Death. Death is pretty cool. But she’s Dream’s sister. And orignally, its the dream that started it all. Not Death.

Besides, I think there are more fans of Dream then Death.

and remember, Destiny is blind.


I think Moebius´ John Diffol series could make a good epic, and could be nicely realized nowadays.


Sin City!
Frank Miller RULES!


Ctrl Alt Del … 1337!!

It would just be a movie full of gaming jokes and would be worse than Dude, Wheres my car? but it would be very funny!