Comic Book Master: WINNER!


Best model : Bruno Tornisielo
Best WiP: Mariano Steiner
Best render: Mariano Steiner
Best diorama : David Gonzalez
Best bust: Bruno Tornisielo


Best WIP thread: Mariano Steiner
Best Beauty Render: Mariano Steiner
Best Diorama: David Gonzalez Fernandez
Best Bust: Andy Brüning (I know it’s not a bust, but I felt it had a great facial expression and pose to the upper body, so it would have made a great bust.)
Best Model:Mariano Steiner


First of all I would like to congratulate to anyone. Finishing a challenge is a great achievement and all the works look great !

best model : Anderson Brüning Gutierres

I found it very balanced composition and great model !
See you soon in next challenge !


[li]Best Beauty Render: BertieRooster (Ben Simonds)[/li]
[li]Best Diorama: Davitxu (David González) [/li][/ul]
[li]Best Model: fabiopaiva (Fabio Pacheco Paiva) - Difficult choice but I based this on best likeness to comic book artist’s rendition.[/li][/ul]


[li]Best Beauty Render: Mariano Steiner[/li][li]Best Diorama: Vilsaum3dzeiro[/li][li]Best Model: Mariano Steiner[/li][/ul]


Here is my vote

Best WIP thread-- Mariano Steiner
Best Beauty Render-- Vilson Martins
Best Diorama-- Andy Brüning
Best Bust-- jonzie
Best Model-- David Gonzalez Fernandez


So here are my votes. I know there’s only one winner for each category but there’s a lot of great entries and close calls.

[li]Best WIP thread - Ben Simonds[/li][li]Best Beauty Render - Mariano Steiner (2nd Vilson Martins - Alex Ross-like rendering was on point. Great job)[/li][li]Best Diorama - David Gonzalez Fernandez[/li][li]Best Bust - Andy Brüning (2nd Vilson Martins) - these weren’t busts but were strong pieces for that category[/li][li]Best Model - David Gonzalez Fernandez ( 2nd Mariano Steiner/ 3rd Fábio Pacheco Paiva - Sorry for the extended list but definitely worth mention. Very true to the Mignola style)[/li][/ul]
Congrats to everyone. Nice modeling.


Best Model and Beauty Render: Mariano Steiner


Hey guys, cool entries! Great job everyone!


Best WIP thread: Maxwell Umo
Beauty Render: Bruno Tornisielo
Best Diorama : Fabio Pacheco Paiva
Best Bust: -
Best Model: Mariano Steiner


Ok guys you got 48 hours to finish voting…



[li]Best WIP thread - Fabio Paiba (nice and informative)[/li]
[li]Best Beauty Render - 3dzeiro (model is ok, but this render is great!) [/li][li]Best Diorama - Mariano Steiner (awesome, even though upper body is hard to read)[/li]
[li]Best Bust - Fabio Paiba (if this was a bust, it would be as good)[/li]
[li]Best Model - Ben Simonds (how to judge on models with no wireframe…this has a great use of polygons for the most part)[/li][/ul]


Sorry for the delay guys.
I am in Puerto Rico Right now…


Guys I am stranded thanks to the east coast snowfall. (I was home for the holidays
As soo as I geta chance I will add the votes.



I hope you’re stranded in Old San Juan! That’s a nice area :slight_smile:


Oke here is an update.
I was supposed to get home to DC from SanJuan, LAST FRIDAY.
I got home on Tuesday, after a hellish trek.

I will count the votes tonight.

I am sorry for the long wait guys.



Comic Book Master- Winners!

[font=Verdana][color=#ff8c00]Ok here are the results:

[color=#fffffe]Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.
We will have a BIG challenge up in the next TWO WEEKS weeks


[color=white]Here are the results:[/color]
[color=white][color=darkorange]Best Diorama:
[b]David Gonzalez Fernandez

[/b]ARTIST NAME : David Gonzalez Fernandez



Description> Done in Max and Zbrush.Rendered with Vray.

Best Bust: (We know it is NOT a bust)
Bruno Tornisielo
ARTIST NAME: Bruno Tornisielo


WIP THEAD:…?f=208&t=932044

DESCRIPTION: I chose Adi Granov as inspiration, because I always liked his work.
I’ve always found interesting the mythology of Thor comics so I decided to make Lady Sif.
The process: I did the base mesh of the clothes and the character in 3dmax and the details and sculpting in ZBrush


and the big one:

Best Model, Best WIP & Best Beauty Render: [/color]
[b]Mariano Steiner!

Todd Mcfarlane’s Spawn
[color=white]COMIC BOOK MASTER NAME : Todd Mcfarlane

Demonstration Video :…yer_profilepage


Description: Spawn is on of my favorite characters. A demoniac soul with some kind of “good” mission. I always wanted to do a Spawn and with this challange i had the opportunity and inspiration. i Tried to keep all of the Spawn’s features, but giving a bit of my interpretation too. I did a simple Zsphere basemesh to the body and all subtools are made in Max. Using the Zbrush Decimate, i put all in to Max and rendered with mental ray. Composed with Photoshop.
Thank you Todd to your inspiring work!

Vote Count:
Best Diorama:
David Gonzalez Fernandez (13 Votes)
Mariano Steiner (2 Votes)
Andy Brüning (2 Votes)
Bradley Harris
Mariano Steiner
Fabio Pacheco Paiva

Best Beauty Render:
Mariano Steiner (12 Votes)
Vilson Martins (4 Votes)
Bruno Tornisielo (3 Votes)
Bradley Harris
BertieRooster (Ben Simonds)

Best Model:
Mariano Steiner (8 Votes)
David Gonzalez Fernandez (5 Votes)
Mariano Steiner (3 Votes)
Bruno Tornisielo (3 Votes)
Ben Simonds
fabiopaiva (Fabio Pacheco Paiva)
Anderson Brüning Gutierres
Bradley Harris

Best WIP thread:
Mariano Steiner (11 Votes)
Max Umo (3 Votes)
Vilson Martins
Ben Simonds
Fabio Paiba(nice and informative)

Best Bust: Bruno Tornisielo (5 Votes)
Andy Brüning (2 Votes)
Fabio Paiba


Heyy that’s so cool!
Thanks so much!
Congrats to everyone ! It was a cool challange with a lot of great works

keep it up guys



Congrats Mariano, you deserved it, congrats for everyone who participated.
and tnks for the votes, i´m glad to win the best bust :smiley:


Awesome models everyone! sad I missed the WIP threads :stuck_out_tongue:


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