Comfortable harbour


…finally done. The shortcut to the ocean for all ships from the whole countryside.


Very strong entry!
Good luck!


Great work here you have made a very memorable image - the colouration is spot on.


I think I had a dream like this once! Very nice image. Good luck!


I like this concept. Well done.


This is one of my favorites works.
Beautifyl and laconically.


I think that you and Beatris will be winners!:thumbsup: -it is my opinion


Well its really a nice working…Really nice concept too…INHO the reflection on the water is not a distance blended…It looks like a mirror or something like that a minor thing…But very good work indeed…All the best!


Great concept. I love the canals and your treatment of the land. It is also very refreshing to see a compass rather than a clock. I must agree with hasansgrafix as I also find the water reflection a little too perfect. The ripples look as though they are sand on the bottom of the channel. Or are they that after all? Still–beautiful work! Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks everybody for in principle positive comments. Anybody else? :slight_smile:

…for dodgeorburn and hasansgrafix - Yes you are right about the water reflection. First I made the water surface too flat and clean with perfect reflection, later I decided to improve it with waves. Now it seems a little bit …ehm, surreal to me. :slight_smile:


Beautiful picture. One of the best. Has to be a contender.


This is one of my fav. very smart concept with a good use of the space.
If you ask me you’ve capture Yerka style just perfect.
Good luck


this piece looks spot on to me too. you’ve definitly studied yerka’s work enough and have captured his essence, and really brought a new piece to life!


Another one I’ve not seen before - very nice work, and well done!


Great job.


Very Clean and Very Clever, top job :slight_smile:


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