Combustions abilities ?


I want to purchase combution for effects and other abilities that come with it, that I have read anyways. Combustion seems to be a perfect tool for editing, and creating these special effects, but I have a little question about a specific effect that combustion can or can not do ?

In intros to alot of games or companies, for instance wow’s logo intro, or fable 2’s logo intro has the letters glow from left to right from start glowing from the left to an end glow to the right, I want to know if combustion is capable of making this possible ? this effect is something we want to make available to my team, and future projects we are in, but want to know if combustion is theorrect program for that ?

Am I in the right lane ? oram I in the wrong type ofsoftware for what im looking for ?


Any good compositing software is capable of the glow effect you are talking about.


Comb is designed for video effects, however if you want to create really nice looking effects like glows etc, i recommend to get a Sapphire plugins set. One of kinda disadvantages of comb is that it has quite a few built-in effects (compared to AE for example) and without additional plugins many times you will have to do a lot of extra work to achieve standart effect that you would expect to create by one click. Also glow that you are talking about are only one or two such effects there and you will probably need to create some additional layers to achieve specific look you are going to. So, count on purchasing additional plugins if you want to work effeciently and create fancy effects. There are some links for those i can recommend:


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