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I was wondering, which plugins you guys use mostly…i know that there are hundreds of plugins available for After Effects and they are mostly compatible to Combustion, but i just want to know which of them are the most commons for combustion…



Mostly sapphire AE plugins, Trapcode and digiEffects.
It depends… on the creative mind. :rolleyes:


Some of the other plugins like Boris Effects,Cult Effects,Knoll LensFlare,Final Fx(in this light Burst effect does not Work)

I am on my job of trying plugins…if u or any one else come across pls let me know some of the nice plugins which works on Combustion…:slight_smile:



Combustion tends to accept “hundreds” of AE-Compatible Plug-Ins. There is a list from Discreet of “Tested & compatible” plug-ins here:

For Speed Ramping, instead of BUYING either of TWO plugs ins - re-Timer or RealViz - you can download a FREE “speed-change” plug-in (ONLY for Combustion-Windows) from here:

GenArts has announced that Combustion users can now download a FREE Trial Version of their popular Sapphire Plug-ins for Discreet Combustion. I have personally tried these out and, as plug-ins go, they are extremely artistic and a lot of fun to experiment with. In the Free Trial Download, you will get THREE WEEKS of Free Use before a watermark appears. Read More about Sapphire Plug-Ins or download the FREE TRIAL Version for Windows or Mac from here:

Check out the TrapCode plug-ins -these are good, popular and affordable :

Lastly, there is a way to run Native PhotoShop Plug-Ins in Combustion … . . BUT be sure to follow the TIPS & tricks posted here:




Hi… For All…

I think that “Combustion tends to accept “hundreds” of AE-Compatible Plug-Ins” but i think that most of them are similar or equal.
Sometimes we need a plugin, but thinking a little bit more we can do the same with the basics operators from combustion… RIGHT!!! :thumbsup:

We are talking about the mostly used plugins… :slight_smile:
I’m sure that anyone using Combustion use only the plugins to facilitate their work or to make an effect that can’t do without it. And thats why we can have “hundreds” of plugins and use mostly 3 or 4 of them.

Our creative job and knowledge demands the use or not the use of plugins.



Jack… You are the BEST :bounce: :thumbsup:


how I can use photoshop plugin (wave & shear ) in combustion


Hi… Math.

Read the post from JACK…

"There is a way to run Native PhotoShop Plug-Ins in Combustion … . . BUT be sure to follow the TIPS & tricks posted here: "

But you can use the operator Distorce Ripple or ripple pro from combustion for the wave and shear transform in composite control… :slight_smile:

This is not complicated and simple operators.




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