Combustion Tracking Comp.


I’m wondering if anyone has links to a good tracking tutorial for comping a 3d animation into vid footage using Combustion?
I’ve searched creative cow,VFXguide and several others without any joy.



tracking live footage for a 3d animation should be done with a 3d tracking program like boujou, pftrack, matchmover pro etc.
with those programs you create a camera with the correct motion (if all goes well) that you can use in your 3d animation package


Unfourtunately i don’t have access to a dedicated traking app and wondered how to set it up inside Combustion.
I’m using C*2008 which surely has the ability to set up a decent tracking comp without the need to jump to another app.


Without a 3d tracking program, how can you reproduce the real camera in 3D? It’s not possible.
Without boujou, or pftrack, or syntheyes, or matchmover, etc, maybe you can reproduce the camera with a 3D program like Maya or 3DMax, but you will need to do matchamation, animate the camera frame by frame… very difficulty.
In know that Nuke and Fusion has 3D interface, but I don’t know if is possible to track in 3D.
Yes, with Combustion you can track in 2D, without Z-Axis. So, you can put a logo in a car, or make an object follow another object, but you can’t turn around a scene.

Sorry, very bad english.


well…to be honest it depends on what type of shoot he has to use, Vander is completely right about it…I did many tracking in Combustion for live projects…rotation and scale where enough for those types of shots…but defenetly, if you turn arround the object Combu will not do the job. If your camera is static or has small pan/zoom or strafe job, you might be able to set it right with it.

Describe a bit more what you need to do or send me a pm.



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