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hi :
anyone know how to develop a plugin for combustion ?or for AE ,shake … i know max script , maybe there have some sdk tools for me to make effects of my own freely . i wish it can call combustion functions and do more .

thanks .


The base SDK for AE and Combustion is the same, it’s the AE effects SDK.
Expressions is available in both cases via some flavor of Javascript. It’s available on Adobe website.
Combustion also has a few internal things, like a framebuffer thing…
For AE, at some point Profound Effects was doing a Python scriptable framework to script your own effects.
AE actually has 2 SDK, one is the AE effects SDK, the other one is the AEGP (GP stands for General Programming) which maps pretty much (although with some delay when new things are released) the whole application so it’s scriptable. The AEGP scripting is done via javascripting although most of the commands are somehow available via a C interface an effects plugin can call.
Shake has a completely different C++ SDK then what AE & Combustion uses, and is a bit harder to deal (can be obscure at first).
Shake also has a scriptable macro model which allows you to use a C-like syntax scripting to encapsulate different effects into what they call a macro.
Combustion also has macros but they are not as scriptable although you have ways to publish in the GUI only the parameters you want to show.



thanks man . :slight_smile:


good stuff…


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