Combustion: Different color in composite



i have color film where i removed the color duplicated it and masked out a person
so he appear in color and the enviroment i in b/w question is there an more easy way of doing this couse im having roto nigthmares.

also im gonna rent the panasonic hvx200 P2 camera
will Combustion be able to read the p2 file format


Henrik :slight_smile:


There is an operator “leave color” in combustion, in conjunction with color suppression and keyers it works in most cases. With that setup fx like in Pleasant Ville or Sin City are possible. I don`t think comb will read the p2 format, but if you use Avid for editing you can export your sequence as quciktime reference file and import that into combustion.


thanks for your reply

Henrik :slight_smile:


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