Combustion....a plane.....and clouds.


I was wondering how would I get the effect of a plane flying through clouds in Combustion?


Your question could be a bit more precise, don’t you think? I mean an airplane flying trough clouds … what is that? That’s everything! But here is my suggestion anyways …

  1. animate the plane
  2. animate the clouds
    3 color correct everything
  3. do some bluring for more realism

:wip: :wip: :wip:


btw … you should blur your avatrar, too :wavey:


Here is the latest question!
How would I select part of some footage and create a layer out of it I can use? Kinda like the selection wand in P\Shop where u cut via copy?


Hey there,

For you first question go with Marley’s suggestions.

For your second question yes there is a selction wand or lasoo, you just need to look for it.

When ever you make a selction it becomes an object on the timeline and it is key framable. I don’t think you can cut it out as C2 doesn’t affect the actuall footage therefore never damaging it, but you can mask it out having more controll in the end.

not sure if i answered you, let me know.



if you want a magic wand type functionality then i think you would have to use one of the keying tools adjusting the tolerance values and stuff…

about the cloud thingy…it depends on what footage you have with you and which way you are looking at the plane.if the plane had to emerge out of the clouds from a distance then you would key/mask areas of the cloud footage and use multiple copies of those layers for your plane to merge from using opacity blending.

  if you mean a fly through the clouds as if you were going through them then it could be achieved by using 3d software to generate clouds and preferably a 3d plane...but then that wouldn't exhactly be compositing would it.

hmmm ahhhh…your question seams a bit cloudy.could you fly us through a clearer question so we could give you a safer landing…ahem answer :wink:


yes, i believe you can select, cut, and use the fill function which would be the same in photoshop, yet animatable. it can be a bit buggy though and can weigh the shot down.


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