Combustion 3d Perspective Viewport PAN


hi all

can anybody tell me how to pan in the 3d-perspective viewport itself?

now when i use the little hand icon it just moves the viewport-window around, but i want actually to move in the scene itself. i hope you know what i mean.

let me know asap. thanks much!


you have to change the >> camera view -> perspektive view


thanks but you didnt understand my question.

please read again.

i was asking how to pan in the 3d-viewport, because the little-hand-icon only moves the entire footage-window and not the scene inside the window itself.


you have to change the >> camera view -> perspektive view

and choose the pan tool (the world as shown in my image)

or do you want to animate the pan? than you have to set
keyframes for the camera


i know that.

but it pans the whole window-viewport and not the scene itself! i want to pan the scene like in a 3d-program. but i guess combustion is not able to do that.


To pan ‘the entire scene’ you either have to select everything & move it, parent everything to a null object & move that - or, far easier, & what I think eudamonie is getting that - just move the camera… Are you just trying to look at a certain area, or are you trying to animate a camera move? Perhaps if you explain what you are trying to acheive it might be clearer about what you mean by pan?


yes, i want to pan the entire scene within the camera. what a shame it’s not possible to do a real scene-pan like in a 3d program.

thanks anyway


I still dont get what you mean, how is panning (ie moving) a camera in Combustion different from panning a camera in a 3D program like, say, Max? :surprised:


read the manual


well, i have no idea why…
when i click on the hand-icon and want to pan the scene it moves the entire viewport and the video-resolution window moves off and i see the grey off-area.


The hand icon, as you describe physically moves the viewport around the screen… Lets say you are zoomed in 500% into the image, the hand icon allows you to move the image around from one corner to another for example…

To Pan in the 3D environment, there is no control that does this but their is a workaround… In the viewport menu, you have got a few choice… Camera, perspective, layerview and I think its called object view…

This “Object” view allows you to use any object in your composition as a dummy camera so if you were to assign the viewport to look through the Dummy camera, you could transform the X-axis of the dummy object to give you your panning, tracking etc…



You are right Xmb,
The manual says you can make tilt, zoom and pan to your view in 3d space but when you like to pan in this “3d space”, you see that you can not. The other problem is, in perpective view you have an invisible center point (like pivot) in between your camera and your layers. Whatever you make tilt or zoom (no pan), Combustion uses always this pivot point like the center of your axe and makes the movement around it and you can nott change the position of this pivot point… :annoyed:


maybe this will help you. There is a tutorial that ships with combustion 2 called “build a composite in 3d space”. the camera pan is one of the first things to do in this tutorial. I hope this helps.


I read the tutorial very carrefully. But I cant see anything about panning in perspective view (specialy in subject named Examine the Composite in Perspective View).
I think there is a misunderstanding between us. As you know “The Camera Pan” is the horizontal circular movement of the image gate of the camera. If you like to make a pan with the camera, simply you turn it in horizontal axis over the tripod head. C2 perfectly makes this movement in virtual 3d environment. But “The Perspective View Pan” is like taking the view and pull it horizontally (3d Max is a good exemple how it works the perspective view pan). If you make attention to the “Examine the Composite in Perspective View” section of the tutorial, they talk about only the perpective zoom and rotate not the pan. So unfortunatly in Perspective View there is no Pan tool:thumbsdow


Select the Camera. Select the Arrow tool. Click and drag around the Camera view to pan the camera side to side and up and down.

Edit: Oops, my bad. Forgot this was about Perspective view. Doh!


Unless I’m wrong, I didnt’ think that you can render your files using the perspective view, I was under the impression that the perspective view is to be used to aid in setting up multiple layers within 3d space (XYZ), and that the camera view is what is actually going to be rendered. So this is my question. If you render from the camera view, and you can do a camera pan from the camera view, and what you are trying to achieve is a camera pan, then why are you trying to do it in an area of the program that isn’t meant to do that task.

As a compositor one of the greatest parts of the job I find is to think around problems and find soloutions to be able to do certain things with the software that people say you can’t. Not always, but usually with some creative thinking you can achieve any effect you are trying to create or at the very least achieve a reasonable facsimile of the effect you are trying to create.


I know you are right in your perspective. The most important tast of an artist must be a practical intelligence. But I think that this is not the point. As a compositing artist, years ago I tried to make anims and composites with my Amiga 500 and Delux Paint III and I printed them using a cam and 1084s color monitor. Believe or not that worked in old days:)
But in this case there is a company that say to me that I can make a 3d composites freely (with tilt, zoom, pan) in 3d virtual space. I m working with FFI and Max for several years, so I think that only Discreet could make this happen:) I said to my company that I worked to purchaise Combustion as a compositing software and they gave aprox 5000 $ to it. Now as a professional I can not able to say:
" The most important tast of an artist must be a practical intelligence."
I know that I over racting a little bit about the subject. Honestly I still congratulate Discreet work on Combustion. And I know that I can find the ways to do my job correctly. But we know that Discreet can make this tool for his products. So he have the code for this. This tool work to gain me a time so I have the reason for disputing this subject…:slight_smile:


yes I agree, they do have this code, and they could use it in combustion, however this would not be sound business on discreet’s part. Yes combsution uses some of the same technology that it’s bigger brothers (FFI) use, such as colour correcting, tracking etc., but obviously it can’t contain all of the code used in these higher end programs. Combustion is meant to be a less expensive tool that has a broader user base than FFI, this is because it cost’s less. It is also used to augment FFI. If discreet were to include this code within combustion, it wouldn’t be combustion anymore, it would be flame (obviously there are more things other than this particular code that set the flame apart from combustion, but you get my point). Combustion is a cost effective alternative to other mid range compositing applications such as commotion and after effects. We can’t expect it to do the same things that FFI can do, especially not for the price that it sells at, there is a huge difference in price between Combustion and FFI and the reason is because of the different things each program can do. I understand your frustration with certain aspects of the software, but that is the nature of the beast, if one wants a program to behave like FFI then they should purchase either a flint, flame or inferno. Or if they are ambitious enought I suppose they could create their own software


Sorry but I think you dont read my reply carefully. I never made a confrontation between FFI and C2. I can see the Discreet strategy very clearly…
I find this absurd because there is ZOOM and TILT in perspective view but PAN is not. Can you see the paradox. Discreet used this code in MAX who is a very ECONOMIC alternative of 3d appz. So this isn t about money…


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