Combining left arm from one person, right from the other


Does anyone know how to take mocap data from two people, and replace the left arm animation of one person with the other?


You can do this by two different methods : 1- STORY and Clips 2- Copy & Paste Keys

1- STORY and Clips :

-Create clips from desired skeletons
-Insert “Character Animation Track” in Story
-Place the clip of your main motion in this track
-Insert one “Character Override” subtrack
-Place another clip in subtrack and mask unaffected parts.

2- Copy & Paste Keys

-Select Skeleton parts which you want to use it’s animation and set “Body Parts” for keyframing mode
-Set time range and right click in middle of time slider and click “Select All” then “Copy”
-Go to desired take and select skeletons from your main character and right click and select “Paste”

Note : If you use story you can manipulate timing and play with the weight of clips if you want. Also if you use second method, be careful about ranges of animation you use because keyframes are replaced exactly from source animation.


i will try that thank you!


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