combining IK with FK control rig hows best to set it up, one cancels the other?



Im wanting to set up a rig like the character tool rig where by the joints are set up for fk with spline controllers via PSR constraints, that FK works as should. I then add IK chain which wont work as the joints cant be moved directly, so I apply the IK to the controllers which does kind of work, but the character tool rig seems to get around having controllers for fk and IK on the bones they both work?

Iv been on it like 9 hours solid trying all sorts such as using the IF/FK blender to drive the contraints strength off, and reverse the action when back to FK, it seems to work to a point but then the shoulder in which the ik chain starts from will not let the fk bend that bone even when the Ik tag is set fully to fk?

Thanks, Dan


hey dan… did you take a look at my rig? usually you have 2 sets of controllers and switch them via expresso linked to the ik chains ik/fk slider… also you have to link that slider to the constraint tags strengths… take a look at that screenshot, maybe it makes things a bit more clear. i tried naming everything neatly, so you should be able to follow what’s happening… the expresso seen here can be found on the hand ik controller, if you want to look deeper into it in the file.


Hi mate, thanks for reply , no I didnt see your rig. Funny thing was I did just that, I drived the ik/fk slider to turn off the constraint tags, I almost got there then found the shoulder where the IK chain starts from would not allow me to rotate the limb via fk. Il take a look at the screen shot and see if I can get where iv gone wrong.

Thanks, dan