colouring my incidence shader


I want to get a colour ramp/gradient into my incidence shader. Currently it only shades black to white (if I plug it into the surface of my material node in the rendertree) but I want it to shade black to red then white or possibly use a colour gradient to do this. Is it possible?



If I get you right Yes you can. Use a gradient but not the nodes/texture/gradient
but the nodes/texture generator/gradient instead it has an input parameter ( wich the texture/gradient has not) you can plug your incidence node in the input of your gradient and plug your gradient in your diffuse, ambient or wherever you need it. you will get coloured gradient drived by the incidence node, if that’s what you need.

Hope this helps…

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use a mixer>gradient node and connect the incidence in the input.
this was discussed only a couple of days ago btw.

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cheers guys. The incidence shader seems much like the sampler info node in maya.


yes and no.
sampler info in maya is possibly the most powerful node in maya, very versatile, but it’s also a bit overcomplicated at times, and it’s always a combinative node.

in XSI those functions are split into several nodes.

you’ll find that most of what sampler info does can be reproed by the incidence node (sample angles by a reference external to the object), scalar state node (distances the ray travelled and basically anything that’s a scalar value) and finally a vector state node to sample objectdependant values like normals, origin, motion vectors etc.


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