Colouring: Darkness Vs Hulk, Seane (2D)


Title: Darkness Vs Hulk
Name: Seane
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop 5.0

Man! - having got halfway through this pic and then experience a major computer software rebuild thanx to a stupid error in editing the registry (and not having a backup…oops…), plus having to wait a few days more while I got the power adaptor replaced for the laptop (on warrenty thank goodness), and then having to start all over again - it’s finally finished!!!

Steve Firchow - one of the big names in the coloring world of comics - was kind enough to send me the full size, hi res inks for this one and a few others, so as far as I know the original B&W pic isn’t available online anywhere. Nice to have something original isn’t it?.. :+P

Comments welcome as always



i cant believe no one replied, this pic is amazing! like from the comic, nice work!! :thumbsup:



My only picky comment - how could anything cause the Hulk to draw blood, he’s invincible :smiley:


Excellent, good job. :slight_smile:

I want to draw this way too. :cry:


superb !!!":thumbsup: …excellent work buddy!!!"


I can feel the energy!


looks like a marvel-cover, nice work =)


the hulk isnt invincible!!! poor guy!:sad:


Exciting scene.Great charaterization and details.:applause:


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