Colorway versus Colimo


[Brad Peebler interviews Victor Feliz](An interview with Victor Feliz of Motiva)

Yes, obviously it´s damage control. (Note, I consider relighting too general to even remotely consider a rip-off, especially taking their ownership of Nuke into account).

But, whatever the circumstances, I don´t see AD doing something like this.

Well done, Brad. And good luck and energy to motiva and their interesting products :wink:


The Foundry can do no wrong, just look how easily they silence the crowd over at foundry forums by sending in their sheepherder Brad. They knew people and Colimo would respond like this but choose to act clueless about it.

10% more hate, 15% more business.


Thing is, you don´t have a clue about the true details, either (unless you witnessed the meetings and contacts).

But hey, in this world cynicism is always the easier way to go. Even when the “victim” is already pacified, people still have to spit venom for him.

Hating feels so good…

I´ll do a “Shuddup” now as I´m sure I´ll be accused of fanboyism for having a non-cynical view. Yep, the internets…always just and faire :wink:


Well, the true nature of any discussion between the Foundry and Motiva is obviously something only those present at the time can truly comment on. But the second part of this story is the way the Foundry handles this story. And that’s all out in the open and can be easily commented upon.


On the Foundry Community Blog: An interview with Victor Feliz of Motiva



I can’t understand what it is all about. I personally own a license of Motiva Colimo and was never able to use it in production because of all the bugs and very poor support.

It was a waste of money and I will be very happy to be able to used colorway if it do what colimo promise failed do to.

It seems than most of you are taking this as David vs Goliath but I personally believe that more commercial choice is better from the client/user point of view.


What’s with that interview? Doesn’t even mention anything about colorway or colimo.
Victor Feliz must have been scared $h!t that he spoke against the Foundry.


Oh, I posted that link, because it exemplifies the way the Foundry handled this rather nicely (i.e. not good at all). As it indeed doesn’t address the issue at hand, it cannot be succesfully used as a form of closure, but as such the Foundry or perhaps better mr. Peebler seemed to view it anyway…