Colorway versus Colimo


Interesting (if true) interview with one of the makers of Colimo on the release of the Foundry’s Colorway:


“Interesting” would not be the word I’d choose…but rather “pathetic” in regards to The Foundrys behavior.


We’ve seen more of The Foundry in other posts, right? business, I guess.


bad move from the Foundry. :eek:


What other posts? I only saw this


Mister Peebler’s response in that thread didn’t really impress me much, quite frankly…


Even Autodesk are going: “Man! You got BALLS! We admire you!”

It’s perfectly clear to any non lobotomized person with reasonable comprehension and social skills that IF they had added this little detail when requesting meetings with the Colima guys:

“Btw, sign this NDA because we will be releasing very soon a product that’s in direct competition with yours”.

Then the Colima guys would have responded with something along the lines of:

“So WTF do you want to discuss with us???”

But apparently the guys at the Foundry are too naive or something and that slipped their mind. They just wanted to chat with fellow developers…

Low. Low. Low.


Yeah it probably went down that way.
Problem with inexperienced people in business is that they get swayed by savvy, pillow talk without thinking about signing things first. They must have thought working with a popular company like the Foundry was so cool and once in a lifetime deal.

Lesson learned for these small developers is to always put things in writing.


I dunno its not like the foundry don’t have a ton of long standing technology relating to this stuff and colorway is basically a re-skinned / streamlined Nuke…

I’d say they were probably looking to acquire these guys but that all became redundant when the acquisition happened.

Brad has been harping on about this 2D/3D thing for years…


Interesting video. That’s june 2010. The interview mentioned they were in contact April 2010. Who knows what happened from April to June. The acquisition of Lux happened very late so that’s nothing. This happened way before the Foundry.

One thing Victor learned “Obviously we have been too trusting and naive. Maybe because Luxology / The Foundry seemed so cool and nice people, specially comparing with other big companies.”

So next time get things in writing so you won’t be screwed. Business is all about money.


The discussion isn’t about “the tech was already invented” or “I don’t want competition” is about “for what do you contact me in 2013, if you already have something similar in development?”

what could happen if this move is made by Autodesk? :rolleyes:


Judging by the last post made by Brad in the Foundry thread (page 3) it seems like they were considering a partnership.


But why they could be interested on a partnership if they have developed an inhouse competitor?


Because they probably wanted to evaluate if it was cheaper or in their best interest to buy the tech/hire the staff/ get the patents if any or is it more efficient to just build it in house.

Obviously build it in house was deemed to be a better option.


If it was Autodesk, we probably have 10 pages long typical complaining thread.


If it were AUTODESK we wouldn´t have a Brad Peebler immediately jumping in diplomatically, taking all the blame, contacting Victor and pumping Motiva the next day with an interview.

Yeah, such a bad person and salesman he is…


I think that he contacted the next day AFTER having a flame on their forums.


Sounds logical, since he can’t fix a problem before he knows there is one :smiley:


Let’s not pretend mister Peebler handled this little backlash-affair wisely
He is helped tremendously by the meek response over at the Foundry Community IMHO.


Taken from the interview:

Víctor: Exactly. Now we arrive to July 2014 and magic!: Colorway appears. Bill Collis regularly and quickly answered to me by Skype, but no more actually. Although I must admit that Brad Peebler is standing up for himself, even if he don’t finds ethical problems with what has happened.