Colorblind (Nudity), Lukasz Siudzinski (3D)


Title: Colorblind (nsfw Nudity)
Name: Lukasz Siudzinski
Country: Poland
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay

Title of this work is inspired by the song “Colorblind” by Counting Crows. I found that lyrics of this song, telling the story that I would like to be seen in this image.


I’m left speechless… Her body and her face are full of emotion! The one supports the other very well.
Amazing work!


Amazing work , lovely!


Lukasz…GORGEOUS model! ^^

I love her face,mouth,eyes,nose,hair…I love all!

Whenever you post pictures of nude, use the word “nude” before or after the title , the forum rules! ^^

Gratzzz,cute model!!


Great Job…i like the eyes and i am agree with “Arkaiko” please mention NUDE before post anything like this. keep posting


Fantastic work. This is full of emotion and the modelling and style are spot on :smiley:


Pffff… Don’t go too far with “nudity”… it’s just a “cartoony” piece dudes! What do we do with “gore or bloody” piece?!? comon guys!

So about the work, i like it soo much! especially the pose and her melancholic face!!
Keep it up!


Wow very nicely done! I really like it! :thumbsup:


great work! It’s rare to see a cartoon style girl render with so much emotion!


i love your style! and this last one is so mastered, great job. :thumbsup:


This is a professional art forum. Unless you are a child, honestly does EVERY post that contains a female nipple require a warning?

Beautifully lit! I love her expression, and the simple background. Fantastic!


Yep…I’m really getting sick at all those stuff against nude human body.
Please, let all of us be mature artists and remember the art of the past, Michelangelo at the first place.


This is a professional art forum. Unless you are a child, honestly does EVERY post that contains a female nipple require a warning?

A nudity tag would be nice…Some of us are browsing the forums at work and the last thing we need is for the boss to come over and mistake it for pornography. in most cases it would be considered sexual harassment if someone were to see it and did not wish to, ultimately leading to termination.
imho its even worse if its a “cartoony” cause now were labeled as the pervert looking at cartoon porn.
none the less good job on the expression. i really love the eyes and lips and how you didnt go overboard with the breast.



You killed me.

Sorry for Luki and his beautiful work, i don’t want to flood his thread , but i’m really fed up with that kind of debate… So if a moderator could tell us if yes or not “nudity” should be mentionned on the title, it should be closed that point…


Great stuff. Really appealing face, and i love her slouched posture.
Most people (myself included) tend to lean the body and shoulders back and push out the boobs for maximum appeal - its nice to see someone trying something different.


Well, I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you work in an artistical environment, your boss should not have anything against you documenting during job time.
Else…well he/she has any right to complain your being here during job time. :wink:


Your call to a moderator is really fitting here, but IMO we should not skip over such a matter.
I live in Italy and so many examples of bleak censorship exercised upon great pieces of art (in a preceeding post I cited Michelangelo, and even HE suffered that) are before my eyes.
Human body is the beautiful thing in the world, and pornography is maybe one of the ugliest, but art and porn are very well apart.


Fantastic, like the stylized look a lot.

There’s something about the shape of her eyes that I don’t like a 100% and that I cannot really put into words. Maybe it’s just the thin bright colored line at the top of the lower lid that might be a bit too noticeable. It makes the eyes look kind of too flat (in 3d space) and not completely integrate into the rest of the face.

But apart from that, absolutely top notch.


Amazing image. Nice touch with the freckles.
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Good job.
Although this cartoon character, but it looks very much alive.