Color Theory and The Human Figure - NUDITY


Hi Junpei - just wanted to say that your story was very interesting! Read and enjoyed every word of it…

Also, your face in the straw hat is coming along very nicely, esp. when you keep in mind how you started out. It has got a very nice gradation of shades and lights on it.


thanks Mr. Mu!

fixed up the curves on the hat abit, and brushed in a few more surrounding colours. started on the hair, using alot of blues but particularly i’ve taken colours from the hat, skin, and other surrounding areas and brushed them into the hair

oh, a quick note - i’ve noticed the brightness/contrast seams to be on the high side for my monitor, so u might have to turn the brightness up on ur monitor to see the hair at this point.


Morning, Junpei, :slight_smile:

Looking good! As to your question about what’s fueling Kimmel :smiley: ~ I think that would be, at this point, the awesome work that I see on this Forum. :slight_smile: It’s fantastic to see so many people participate here. :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



some work on the hair round 2!

just a test for fun and experiement , adjusted the colours abit and painted abit deaper, but to save time i just did small… visualization ^^



Cool! What are your plans for the hat? :slight_smile:




well, i wanted to show it’s traditional nature, no’n la’ are made of leaves /bamboo **usually and coated with attar, so i wanted to work in a smoothness, i think i will reuse alot of colours already in the scene, though speficially i think some nice ochre, gold - deep, as well as egshell and cornsilk. as u suggested i also want it to be relatively light in shade to give depth to the lush’, bring the focus in, as i want to show the light filtering through and being reflected of the hat. thats the plan for now anyway ^^ , the other option is to have a more synthetic type non la which is more ‘high fashion’ though, idk, i think it will show cultural beauty of Vie^.t Nam in several senses. i’ll try experiementing with it :slight_smile:



Sounds good. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your update.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



ah, sorry for such a late response, things got alittle hectic, i’ve been planning next term etc. only a few more credits to go till graduation (2 more classes for one degree, abit more for the other 2.)
New job as legal assistant (business and real-estate law)
also i think i’m going to have to turn down a vacation to france with my friend, (it’s her last vacation before she goes away next summer) oy, i would have loved to see the Louvre Museum. but with a new job i don’t think i can go anywere (nor should), and i would need to get the plane tickets by today. :sad:

hmm, i’m still going to be working on this, also some other Viet nam influenced works, seams to be what i’m into at the moment. theres alot of beauty and colour in that style.



Hiya, :slight_smile: glad to hear that you’re with a new job, and I hope that turns out to be enjoyable for you. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear about the trip, but hopefully there will be others. :wink: How is your art coming? Quite busy, then? :slight_smile:







wow great thread!

Gosh…so much has changed with the anatomy forum, it’s all organised and everything! So cool. Sorry Rebecca I haven’t posted in such a long time. I stop by every now and then to check out other peeps work but I have had hardly any time to myself. School is really taking over everything right now hehe.

Well, i’m truly inspired and I am going to organise myself tomorrow so I can make time for this place, I miss it!

Great work everyone! :thumbsup:


A great Color Tutorial by Sheff:

Color Tutorial


Hi Rebecca! It’s been a while! I’ve been painting and brushing up for awhile but haven’t really gotten a chance to do anything major yet as I’ve been busy with school and work. I finally got to do something a few days ago though that turned out particularly well, it took 3 days all in all but it kind of keeps with the idea of my last image I posted here so, I think it’s a bit of an improvement at least. Next though I want to do a full scale painting, if I can plan a good one, otherwise I feel I’ll still be wasting a lot of time mucking about.

 Ok, my progress was slow and terrible, that’s kind of why you will see I got a little discouraged on the third night of working on this and cropped it down to paint in the rest of the details and making it look alright. It ended up looking ok I guess, though there are some things I would like to improve. I had initially planned on painting scenery and more atmospheres. I saved 3 times during painting the dress so this is the only progress I can show, kind of uneven but oh well. I used a photo reference for the dress, that’s here: [](
 anyway, I hope this isn't too off topic, you can move it if it is, also I’m looking for color suggestions and composition, if I’m going to keep on working on it, this was a bit tricky because as you notice with this fabric the color changes so much depending on the angle and folds. In the beginning part of the reason the colors just seamed to not work at all was it was overall really dull, I think the background also contributed to the muddiness of the greens I originally used, and it was too dark and didn't leave enough room for decent lighting maybe? while I was mostly playing around unskillfully in general colors with some detail spots here and there I still haven’t gotten down how to bring out highlights in the early stages, I tend to save this for the last moment when it becomes less of a process and more of a lottery were I have to mess around till I get back to were it should have been if I had followed a good process to begin with. Also maybe it was because of my brushes? I used 1 custom brush which was just a slightly modified ps brush and for 95 percent of it I just used the standard Photoshop sphere brush that comes at the top of the list, put it on pressure sensitive opacity of course and kept adjusting the size and hardness. But other then that, I didn't really do anything fancy. I’m really out of practice lol, but I think brushes could have saved me in the middle stages (I know poor excuse); I haven’t really "painted" anything in a couple months, so this is kind of a re-learning process as well.
 anything in the means of general critique or maybe even a paintover (especially illustrating where I should have taken it at the various steps, would be great. if you want to start from the beginning and do it anybody is welcome I think to try, the model put her photo forward for artists to edit and turn into art. so, just make sure she stays pretty. :)
 Also, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions as too which workshops I should participate in first, there are so many i don't know which ones i should participate in first, so I was wondering if given what you've seen from me so far you could point me to a few of your other workshops that could help me improve, sort of like a lesson plan.

          1st step, just removed the background and painted the elbow which was cropped out in the original, re-painted some hair too.
  Starting on the dress, well, this is about mid-way actually


  ew, some horrible lighting changes, don't ask me why I saved it like this, I think it was an accident, anyway, for the final image I spent forever undoing what I messed up in this image. Some more details added as well though

    phew, alittle better

finnally some progress…
spend awhile on this, and got the most done, i think because i could focus better that i only had to worry about a smaller portion of the image at once. this is when it finnally turned around and i think i kind of saved it.

original/finished with final touches.



Hi there Junpei,

Good to see you back! :slight_smile:

I have to say that I’m a bit confused as to the aim with this piece ~ is this a photo with a new dress painted on top? You mentioned that you had cropped out the background and painted the elbow, but I’m assuming this is a photomanipulation then? :slight_smile:

Is the dress painted, or partially a photomanip? Sorry, it’s hard for me to tell. :slight_smile: Let me know what your goal is for this piece, and I am happy to try to help.

Regarding Workshops, really the best Workshop to hop into are the Open Figure Drawing Workshops (OFDWs) ~ a new one, OFDW 018 will begin late tonight (probably best to check in the morning for you) in which we will again be working from Master Works.

All OFDWs are linked here:

Open Figure Drawing Workshops with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel

As soon as OFDW 018 launches, I’ll add the link to this post. Check the forum tomorrow for OFDW 018, and jump right in! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Rebecca, it’s good to be back! hopefully it will stay that way for awhile :slight_smile:
My goal was trying to get more realistic painting technique, make a cool looking stylized picture where you can’t tell whats real or not. Mostly just a learning exersice and something to do for fun :).I figured painting on top of a photo was a good place to start working on texturing, lighting, color and other details that are easier to miss otherwise because it might give a clear way and form(?) to gauge yourself against. The photo is manipulated just by like some small changes, just like the background the hair lighting and color changes to work into the background and the elbow. The dress is painted, but I had to closely referenced texture here and there and I picked my colors directly off the referenced to begin with, though as you can see I decided it looked pretty bad so I started doing something a bit different near the end. once I got to the final couple stages I didn’t have to so much and it kind of took off, in the last shot I worked in the original photo and stuff again too help correct some of the lighting I messed up before.


This is what I have been studying lately, is color theory. I got caught up in you gals conversation hehe, I learned a little about both of ya.

That dress you painted looks remarkable, do you have a bigger picture you can post?

I have been studying the difference between a high contrast color scheme and a low contrast color scheme. For the most part, from what I can tell, the same colors are used by the masters, they mainly differ in richness of the color. Some work with more greys, other with darker true colors and darks.

That is the main colors I see in skin is grey-blue, green-yellow, yellow-orange, pink, skin color tan or peach, purple-grey, purple-black. Color pallet black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue. And mixing these together. Linda Berkvist (spelling) has a nice study in her site for skin tones. go to gallery then tutorials.

This thread is cool, I will be reading the links.

So for my color study I did a paint over of Da Vinci’s self portrait sketch. I decided to use a medium key color scheme, trying to use greyed out colors. I did not use any photo reference. I only looked at the sketch as I painted over it. I feel this made me have to rely more on color theory and knowledge of lighting, rather than just trying to copy what you see. I think this is better for understanding how color works, I could be wrong though.

I was going for a ruff oil painting look, not realism. I might have added more color to the hair, but I wanted to get that old davinci look, mostly yellows, reds, and green-yellows for the flesh. Although It might look better with mostly dark hair, what do you think?

So here it is, Painter IX, artist oils, one layer.


Here is a tutorial I threw together for a Jesus painting I did. I is mostly about color theory. I need to fix that davinci one, it is a tad flat.

Here is the link, let me know if it helps anyone. Feel free to post it in another thread if it can be of use.


Here is two I did to practice color. Angelina Jolie from photo reference, go to yahoo images and search for angelina jolie. I made lots of mistakes, but I am pleased with the skin tone, that is what I was practicing. Sketch was done over the photo to save time, after all I wanted to practice painting.

The second is from feng zhu’s tutorial. I used his drawing. I did not want the comic look, so I deleted the line work once I had the colors blocked in and such. I think I pulled it off, making it look like a painting. I also did not like all the colors he used, so I added more reds into the claw, and a few other adjustments, like the ground. Also I did not like the cartoon looking ladies, so I did my own people.


I really like the lighting, it has a good effect and overall I really like the image. No critiques there, but when I scrolled further right, the warrior(?) looked odd too me. I wish the colors would be more vivid and the pose not so exaggerated - it seams off balance to me. Other then that a great painting! My art studies are embarrassed next too those XD.


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