Color picker weirdness


I have a need to have hexadecimal values available to me. That is shown in the RGB color picker, and only if you elect to show it in preferences. But the weird thing is that in order to have the hex field available, you have to make RGB your default color picker.

I want HSV as my default, but I want access to Hex colors. This doesn’t seem to be possible.

Further, I’ve noticed in R19 that even with Hex field preference turned on, and RGB set to the default, the hex field does not appear in any sub level color pickers. i.e. gradient color pickers, cel shader color picker, etc. This is a REAL time suck. Because if you need to copy and paste individual colors from somewhere else into nodes of a gradient, you have to do all 3 values (R, G, B or H, S, V) for EACH color, instead of just being able to paste in a hex value.

UGH… Heading to the suggestion form now.


Why not just convert the hex into RGB values from the jump, so you can copy/paste without all the hoopla? I know that’s not ideal, but it seems better than the work around you currently use…


Hey Will -

Thanks for the response. I hear what you’re saying, but converting to RGB values is not an issue. It’s just not the desired workflow.

I must not have explained clearly. My current method is not a work around. It is a workflow I’ve enjoyed for several years between all Adobe apps and also in Cinema 4D. A hex string stores the exact value of a color without having to remember or store 3 separate values like RGB or HSV does. Yes, I originally was using it because it is universal in Adobe apps, but it is an efficient workflow that I carried over to C4D several years back. And have found having that hex field available means copying and pasting a color value between materials and what not much more efficient.

The RGB or HSV sliders are convenient for mixing an original color. But once you have that color, you need to be able to use it across apps for different projects. Again, I’m not talking about just one color, but a whole set of colors used for a client’s brand.

I don’t think that pasting R value, then G value, then B value for EACH NODE of a gradient seems like less hoopla as you put it. In fact, it is quite a bit more hoopla. Rather than try to memorize (or write down even!) the 3 values and then go into a gradient widget and try to enter those three values for a color node, then rinse and repeat for each and every color, is just silly. In R18 and prior, hex field was available inside shaders. you can just paste one value. done. (As opposed to entering R, G & B or H, S & V info.)

It is a workflow that has worked great until R19. Why they changed it makes no sense to me. I’m hoping it was just an oversight and will be added back in.

I will just try to get into the habit of setting up my colors from the start, and storing them in the quick storage swatches, but that is not always the way things flow, and it still doesn’t help with why Hex is not available in shaders anymore.


I found this plugin (Color4D) on github and it seems to do what you want…




Hey thanks! I’ll give that a shot - I’m curious if it works at the shader level (gradients, cel shader, fresnel, etc.). Hopefully Maxon will add the functionality back in at the shader level where it once was.


Yes it does…


What an interesting glitch! So…I had enabled the Hex preference in Cinema (and restarted several times), and it was showing up in the RGB picker as expected, just not inside shaders such as gradient, fresnel, falloff, cel, etc even when using RGB.

So after installing color4D, it was overriding the built-in picker which was expected. Then I uninstalled color4D and now my hex field is working as expected, showing up in all the shaders!

I’ll keep color 4D around though. And use it as a fallback if needed.

Thanks- you indirectly fixed my color picker. haha