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I’m starting a project for a client doing a bunch of charts and graphs. I’m mainly a 3d artist so I will be doing much of the work in 3D Studio Max. Before I start the client wants me to submit a palette of the colors I will be using for the project to establish a uniform look across all the graphics. I come to doing 3d work from the TV and Film production side and don’t have a formal art training so I’m not sure how to handle this, I’ve never encountered this before. Are there any good reference or tools for creating a palette?


Could you explain a little more about the type of project? What will these charts and graphs be for? Who is the people who will be seeing these graphs? Honestly, this could be as simple as someone asking to see you pick 3 colors that go well together. There are a few pieces of software that can help you come up with palettes, check this site out for example…

This sounds like a more corporate job, so you may not need to get into the whole “colors representing emotion” thing. I’d say figure out how many colors you need, and present them with an example graph using a set of colors that work well with each other. Good luck.

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Thanks Neil! I think that is exactly what I’m looking for. The project I’m working on is a documentary promoting vegan lifestyle. So I’m guessing I want to start with some sort of green as my primary color on that color chart. I guess I have some research to do on what the different scheme mean(i.e. triad, analogic, etc).


When I think vegetarian, I think of greens, but also browns and oranges, basically earth tones. So maybe start with a yellow color, click on the “analogic” mode and you see it also grabs stuff like greens and orange/reds, which is all stuff within the realm of what you want. Play with the Angle, maybe 50 degrees or so. Then move it around till you find some colors that seem the most pleasing. Also check out the “Adjust Scheme” tab to play with saturation and brightness of the colors.

There’s tons of color theory books that discuss this sort of stuff in great detail, personally I suggest doing a little research so you know some fundementals, then rely on your instinct, because at the end of the day, there are plenty of clients who like some pretty wacky colors, so following all the rules won’t necessarily give you something they’re gonna dig. Like I had one client once who wanted all these firey reds to give a brochure a big strong bold look, and his wife saw it, and said “I like the color green” and so he told me to use green instead, even though it completely contradicted the direction he wanted to go, because he wanted to please his wife :slight_smile:

Anyways, hope something in there helps.

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Just an update on my situation, here is the palette the client ended up approving(or insisting on):

Yellow 255,255,0
Green 0,255,0
Orange 255,150,0
Red 255,0,0
Purple 125,0,255

Some serious brightness there.


Have you looked at kuler?


Is this for print? Cos those colours ain’t going to come out properly… he should also never be allowed to make creative colour decisions again imo :smiley:


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