Color Correction


Hey CGS, I’g going crazy trying to give my video “the film look”.
Im guessing this is mostly colo correction. I want to get a sort of dark and sort of blue style video. Any suggestions?


Well the problem is that the film look is the fact the people actually shoot on film.

The resolution, the lighting, cinematography, the depth of field, professional sharp lenses, the latitude

Many things video doesn’t have. However, you can tip the scales in your favor by using an adapter, shooting with 35mm lenses, lighting to avoid blown out skies, good cinematography, and color correction along with some noise removal.

I started doing CC with Vegas NLE, and now have moved into mostly combustion and Lustre for color work…


And there is also Magic Bullet…


I would love to learn the “no shortcuts” way but considering i have 1 day to finish somthing, I think Ill go with this… for now


THANK you very much i apreciate all your responses. So hopefully in the next month I will learn more about the process.


This sounds a lot like what they did in Kill Bill movies, where the coloring was off in a lot of scenes. Definitely a cool effect though.


[b]Check out a FREE plug in for After Effects. It’s called “Rebel CC”. this is a poor mans version of color correction that’s easy to use. :)"It was made by the same guy who made the plug-in for Magic bullet’ just click of follow this link[/b]:deal:


even if you use a utility I suggest going back and correcting the levels by hand when you have more time. it’s not that difficult to master and a useful thing to know how to do when going for different exaggurated looks.


i think im just going for a natural, color that looks profetional, and since i cant afford magic bullet, the other options look very promising.


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