Color aberration on darker areas


Hello everyone!

So, I’ve been having a little problem here. Since I’ve started using this new color management feature on MentalRay (for Maya 2011) I’m getting these strange color aberrations on the darker areas.

It doesn’t seems to be due to lack of sampling, and work with a tone mapper (like mia_exposure) and different shaders doesn’t change anything.

So, does anyone knows why it might be happening??


Looks to me like the main issue that you’re having is banding. I haven’t really played with Maya’s colour management features, preferring the old way. Maybe it renders out the image and applies the gamma correction after, this would potentially give you banding. Have you tried rendering out as an EXR?

If you want to match the lighting to the scene, you’re lights are going to have some blue in them anyway so I wouldn’t worry about this. What lights are you using?


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