colonial style foyer, Jackie Teh (3D)


Title: colonial style foyer
Name: Jackie Teh
Country: Malaysia
Software: 3ds max

A simple colonial style foyer i have done for my client recently.

C&C are most welcome


bump up the antialiasing a little bit more…in rest everything is ok.


Thank you very much for your comment, i will take note of that.


Lighting is very nice. Materials look good as well. I think you might want to increase the sub divs on your door and door frame. They seem to have a little bit of noise. Overall nice work.



Nice lighting, not sure if it’s your textures or not but that noise effect kind of looks like your photons need to have a larger radius might help. You could also use final gather to smooth things out as well, but that will bump up your render times.

BTW what part of Malaysia are you in? I’m from JB


nice render, materials and light looking very nice but there is something disturbing with those noisy grainy artefacts on the walls any way nice job


1- good started
2- look is great
3- nice color
4- i like it very much the floor
5- u a image is real
6- good luck 4 ever :applause:


i am glad that you like my light setting, but how could i increase the sub divs for my door and door frame only ?

Thank you for your comment, may i know where could i find final gather setting for Vray?

yeah, i have to find a good way to reduce the noise, thanks to you man.

i am glad that you like my flooring design, hoping my client will like it too.


nice rendering!
you using vray for rendering?
great lighting!


Thank you, yes i am using vray for rendering.


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