Colonel Octopus, Piotrek Marczak (3D)


Title: Colonel Octopus
Name: Piotrek Marczak
Country: Poland
Software: mental ray, XSI, ZBrush

I’ve created this image in my spare time, using xsi for modelling and zbrush for detailing. Final render was done in 3ds max with mentalray.

Inspired probably by Davy Jones…and some underwater photos :wink:


very good work, nice materials and textures


it is great work man 4 stars from me:thumbsup:


great work,i like the textures.But i think character is mixing with the background.
Just try to render with some different background.But this is just my opinion.


thanks guys :slight_smile:


Really creepy. Nice work!


bleee… five stars.


brilliant work man!
the atmosphere and the feel is excellent,modeling and textuirng for me without a flaw:)


amazing work !


Very nice work. I’d like to see a bit more light in the eyes though.



Wow that is quite impressive work. Good job


can u give us more details? your work is so awesome. great guy


Hey thanks,
Head texture is hand painted in zbrush, other textures are photo-based.

I’ve used 4 area lights to light the scene, no FG/GI.

Head mesh is direct import of level 6 mesh from zbrush so It’s quite heavy (about 3 milion polygons)


sweeet! I like it!great stuff


5 stars from me. Were you watching Pirates when you did this? Still - really nice textures, esp. on the hat.


Jesus the material is insane! Maybe watch out with the DoF. But I love it, especially the materials. 4 stars.


Sweet looking character, the details and concept amaze me! 4 stars :wink:


Great textures and color palette.


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