Cologne Cathedral / Kölner Dom, Mathias Wolff (3D)


Title: Cologne Cathedral / Kölner Dom
Name: Mathias Wolff
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max

I finally found the time to finished it.
You can see the Wip here

All details are modelled adding up to about 30M Polys of partly instanced geometry. The texturing of the cathedral is done proceduraly to save memory.

Further shots can be seen on


Wow, that is incredible.It looks just ilke I remember it. It’s nice to finally see it finished, and even nicer that it looks so much like the real thing! My only criticism would be that the Dom could do with a little bit more contrast; it doesn’t quite have the same level of shadow that your foreground elements do. Otherwise, fantastic job!


Wow absolutely amazing! Phantastic details.
This pictures are stunning. Please can U show
us a wire… This is really great modeling work.

You deserved 5 Stars! Take them…


lookin owesome
superb job
i wonder how u modeled and assembled all those sculptures


THis really a huge work!!!

congrasulations to finish it …

good for you man…

nice work.



Wow! Amazing detailing :thumbsup:


:)…2 years since the WIP:)
I can believe it…your work is simply stunning.
I love your attention to detail…really mind blowing stuff


Wow! This is really amazing. Nice lighting, incedible modelling and he procedual textures work perfekt too. :thumbsup:

It only bumps the question: Where did you get the 10GB RAM for rendering this? :wink:


absolutely fantastic 5*:thumbsup:


Fantastic work, I love the lighting, texturing and most of all the detail.


Could you post some wires please…
Beautiful job, nice work …


Front page!:thumbsup: Bravo!


Stunning work.

Amazing detail… you must be very proud of your work.

My respect and congratulations for this insane piece.





JUST like it was when i saw it. congrats man, it mustve taken a whole lot of skill, and more crucially, time to finish this.



there is only one word:




Incredible work, the detail u put on this is oustanding.

the Best luck to you Mathias.

Edit: Why it haven´t been awarded yet?


Extremely impressive, congratulations, I am wondering what kept you motivated to put so much time and energy into this single model over such a long period.


Really, really, really amazing!!! No more words, just stars. 5* :thumbsup:


It’s always a treat to see work of this standard. Congratulations. It’s a beautiful piece of work


WOW absolutely amazing details - i thought the second angle was a photo for a few seconds :eek: ive always wanted to model a cathedral like this but I really cant even imagine how long it would take to model something like this that took hundreds of years and thousands of people to build in real life - thats quite a feat youve pulled off :buttrock: