CollisionDeformer 1.0 Released


CollisionDeformer 1.0 has been released.

It is available for R12 Windows and MacOS, R11 MacOS, and R10 Windows. With the help of Cactus Dan, it should be available for R10 MacOS very soon.

You can check it out here at my website:

You can view a bunch of tutorial videos here:

Try it out and have fun with it!




There is an update to resolve an issue with rotations. This was working before release but somehow I lost a variable making other changes near the end. It now works exactly as it is supposed to, irrespective of rotations on the collider and deformed objects. Please go to the download page and install the update to relieve any frustration.

As far as I can tell, it is not possible to install or even run the version of Xcode required to make R10 plugins on MacOS X Lion (10.7). I will try to find a way around this but for now MacOS support is only for Cinema 4D R11 and R12. If anyone knows how this can be done, please feel free to PM me here.

Thank you very much,


great. sculpting feature looks very interesting.


it would be good if you could create a mask for each sculpt.
so after the first sculpt is made a mask is created then the mask stops the second sculpt from affecting the first sculpt geometry.
just like the mask in r14 sculpting

and if you can get it to animate sculpting would be good for making wave from a boat


Animating sculpts and multiple colliders is on my list of features to be added.

I will have to look at the R14 sculpting mask and see if that type of feature can be added as well.



There is a new version with these updates:

  • Added support for Vertex Map tag on deformed object.

  • Improved handling of Collider objects in hierarchies.

  • Removed a crash when changing Collider objects.

Same download page as above.




Well done Robert. What’s the price. I can’t find the price anywhere.



its on the page after you press buy now.


Got it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, looks like a really fine tool. Well done indeed!



Wow I’m having so much fun with this! Should change the way I create a lot of the medical stuff I do, as well. Great work Robert!


Looks great! Congratulations on the release.



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