Colleges? i need a bit of advice.


Im in need of advice, trying to decide which course of action would put me on the best path.

in a nut shell, at the end of highschool i was debating over 2 schools to enroll in an animation course. DigiPen Institute of Technology and Ball State University.
DigiPen is a specialized school with an amazing program for digital art and animation with lots of opportunity benefits, however, it is really expensive.
Ball state is a normal state school with a good animation program for the price, however you do not get the same opportunities for internships and recruitment as digipen offers.

Because ball state was alot more affordable i chose to go there, but now i am having second thoughts. the animation program is only 3 years (starting sophomore) so currently i am mostly taking core classes. im tryin to do as much to self teach myself but im getting a bit discouraged at the moment.

im thinking about transferring to digipen, however, i also do not want to be knee deep in debt after college. there are alot of great artist on here who are doing the things i want to do so i thought it be a great place to ask.

im sorry if this post is too long!


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