Collecting TextureMap icons


I wonder if it is possible to collect all available textureMap icons without actually creating all the instances of textureMap classes?
It seems like max makes these icons on thy fly using PStamp class, but again… in order to use it we first need to create an instance on a class.
Or maybe these icons are stored somewhere on disk and I just failed to find them?


they are not image , but a scene , the editer shows the result of the scene
if need preview image , equal to create a scene with a object , such as sphere , with the mat , and render it


My question isn’t about materials and their previews.

display (renderMap (falloff()) size:[64,64])

That’s what I need, but without creation of each textureMap class instance
I guess there’s no chance actually


they are procedural map , also not image , they use mathematical formula to generate
if you are programmer , you can create various kinds of previews by mathematical formula
for procedural map , change a parameter , the result will change same , you won’t get preview without an group of instance parameters
what you post is under default parameter , but falloff not always like that
and the image shows in map browser , i think they are dynamic also , their loading speed is slow that not as loading an image , and the exist map’s image is based on the map’s option , will different with default
if default preview really is image , they should be packed in .dlt file of the map