Collapse Animation to Frame?


I’ve always wanted a tool that did this and I’m wondering if one exists already.

Let’s say you have a selection of 10 hierarchically rigged objects that are animated and the animation is complete on frame400. You then clone these objects and the animation is present on the clones too.

Now you want to collapse the animation on the clones such that all animation keys are removed except the last key of each object, and those last keys are relocated from their former time locations (frame400, frame382, etc.) to a time you specify such as frame1 or frame0.

In the end, you basically have your cloned objects in their previous final configuration with no animation keys on them (or rather, just the one key at frame1 or wherever). This then allows you to start animating these cloned objects from their final configuration from the last animation you created.

Is there any tool that does this?



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