Colin Cohen is at it again!...


Check out his new plugin for nonlinear morphs!
He also has a teaser for a new one coming shortly:“fast cloth.” That raised my eyebrows. :slight_smile:
Colin, if you are reading this… you are a genius and a great guy to boot for sharing these with us. Thank you! :love:


Haven’t tried it but thanks for sharing!


Newtek need to hire thsi guy.


Sorry for my ignorance but why? Are you implying that NewTek doesn’t have enough skilled coders and only way they could beef up their team would be hiring some 3rd party developers?


Nothing wrong with hiring 3rd party developers. Colins a great guy and has some excellent tools. I personally dont care who comes up with the tools so long as they are available. Many of the new tools in LW8 came from 3rd party sources. :slight_smile:


What I’d like to know what new tools in LW8 are made 100% by NewTek (remember, dynamics are created by DStorm). For me it seems like that there’s just a huge pile of 3rd party tools added with some bugfixes and bunch of new bugs which has led people to change back to 7.5 from 8. At the moment I’m using 8 myself but I’m waiting for the next patch to see if it actually improves 8 to the level where I can actually use it without going nuts. Otherwise I most propably change back to 7.5 and find those plugins I need.

Oh and sorry for this off-topic to everyone who doesn’t like it.


I hope everyone finds this useful.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement. Also, as it is a relatively complex plugin, there is a good possibility that it has some bugs. So, don’t be bashful – let me know about them.


Any chance there’s a Mac version in the works?


The dynamics are not made by Dstorm, but by Daisuke Ino, who is working for NewTek now.


If I ever get access to a Mac, I’d gladly do it. For a number of reasons, though, I’m not comfortable with having a third party compile them.


I think I understand how to use this, but I want to check and make sure. To follow your example: you create a base object, then an “EyelidClosed” morph. You create an in-between morph and name it “NLMEyelidClosed.50”. You then go into Layout and add the MorphMixer and NLM plugins. Then you use the MorphMixer to add a key for the “EyelidClosed” morph ONLY. Then the NLM plugin automatically reads any percentage morphs you have created in numerical percentage order. You do NOT key the “NLMEyelidClosed.50” morph. It is taken care of for you. Am I right so far? I think it works that way, but I’m not 100% sure. On my computer I’m seeing the NLM morph come in automatically (hooray!), but when I apply SoftFX to check the point motion (using the Edittool) it’s recording only a linear interpolation between the point’s XYZ positions. Am I doing something wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time. :hmm:



For the “NLMEyelidClosed.50” morph," did you move the points to the mid-position and make an arc? Make the morph demonstrable and check it in Modeler with NLM Viewer. If it is not working, please e-mail me the object and I’ll look at it.

If it is working, make sure in Layout that you have the NLM plugin loaded after MorphMixer, and then scrub through the morph in MorphMixer. Make sure no other plugins are loaded. Again, if it doesn’t work, send the object.

Finally, if it stops working only after you add SoftFX, let me know. That’s something I didn’t test.


Hi Colin,

i downloaded your plugin in big anticipation of the light that would strike my eyes when i push the NLM button in Modeler/Layout.

But there was no light. Did i forget to plug in the power supply?

can you give a 2 sentence explanantion how to get the benefit out of this plugin and i would be ready to spend an hour testing it in and out.

I can blend between two morphs, but not not in a nonlinear fashion. is this controlled via weightmaps (like in a similar commercial plugin) ?



Hi Colin,
Here’s the small test file and scene I made. I created 3 in-betweens: a 25%, a 50%, and a 75% morph. The only morph I keyed was the “EyelidClosed” morph, which was the 100% closed position. In Layout I’m seeing an arc being generated, but the points move straight from one point of the arc to the next, like its describing it with straight segments instead of curves. The way I check points for curved motion in LW8 is to apply SoftFX, with all the Operators set to 0. Then I hit the Calculate button, then go to the EditFX tab. There I hit the Edittool button and then on this particular model I would select EditNode 8 or 11 to see the motion of the points of the outer edge of the eyelid. (I left off the SoftFX part of the file to make it more compatible with earlier versions of LW.) According to the traced motion path, it is moving in a sequential series of straight lines. I would appreciate it if you would give it a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong. :hmm:


OK I haven’t looked at your scene file (and I’m not Colin either ;)) but from what I read in your post, you’re not doing anything wrong. A morph is linear. This plugin automates the process of morphing through sequential targets (to simulate a non-linear motion). If you want to see a perfect arc describing the point’s motion, you’ll have to add a few more than 3 inbetween targets.



You’ve almost got it. Now, just change the shape of the curve in the graph editor.

I guess I should’ve made it more clear. You could’ve always used the GE to make your morph non-linear in relation to time. The point of this plugin was to make them non-linear in terms of geometry. Sorry for the confusion.


Not to take away from your great plugin but why tease us by calling it Non Linear morphing. When it’s another form of MTSE. “Multiple targets single envelope”.

But on a more positive note I’ve been extremely impressed with the number of plug-in you have developed. keep them coming. 8)


I disagree. It is non-linear morphing. If you create a normal “Eyes Closed” morph, Morph Mixer will make a linear interpolation between the starting postions and the ending positions, probably moving the eyelid through the eyeball. With this plugin, you can define the arc, so by using the same “Eyes Closed” morph in Morph Mixer, the eyelid will go around the eye.

To me, that is a non-linear morph. Spline-shaped interpolations of morphs in relation to time could’ve always been accomplished in the Graph Editor.


The result is similar yes, I won’t argue that. The difference is when I hear someone say non linear morphs I would interpret that as the position of the point are calculated in a spline based method like Joe Alters’ lip service. As I see more and more users I see more terms being thrown around and some times they can start to loose there meaning. You know what I mean.


But thing is, the interpolation is spline-based. You just have to open the GE and change the curve shape. In v8, by default, MorphMixer create TCB keys.

I have very little experience with LipService. From what I understand it works very well, but from the little I’ve played with it, I don’t see any method for changing the shape of the interpolation curves. I presume he uses the same curve all the time. Perhaps you can change it in the GE?

Perhaps I could change my plugin so that it changes the default curve MorphMixer creates into something more bell-like. Let me think about it.