ColdBlue, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Splendid. Amazingly crafted man. 5*

The eyes are amazing, I love how they stand out. The only thing I’d say is that the hair line looks a little flat, like there are no shadows.



It’s awesom :thumbsup:
5stars from me,Perfect job :applause:


F.P.–>Amazing WORK!


wow Reiv…

Never before a pale skin woman looked so good…excellent portrait once again :slight_smile:


definitely your best work! beautiful mood…


Very nice model. It is a bit hard to see, did you make the hair as part of the texture or is it seperate?


Wow … 5/5 deffnitelly


Perfect work. 5 stars!!. Great ilumination and camera.Congrats


Comme d’habitude, une superbe image…

Rien à redire c’est parfait. Bon boulot ! :smiley:

Some wire pic ? :smiley:


WOW! Just falled in love! hehehe! Her eyes are perfect, more than that, they actually hypnotize me! Excellent work! Congratulations! 5 Stars!


omg :eek: :bounce: realistc work 5 stars no doubt


5 stars. It should be in frontpage in my opinion!


Awesome my friend, simply awesome, I give it about 30minss to an hour, it will be on the front page and in the awards section in no time. It’s great to see some pure 3d talent!! we need more! to many 2d awards!

Well done Reiv, love your work.


Fine work! She’s both beautiful and eerie at the same time. Her dress is elegant in both design and material; clothes make the woman! 5*


Awesome one!! cool.


amazing work! wonderfull eyes!!! i am in love ^^ 5 stars!


Great job as usual, i love the mouth.



I agree with the comment about the eyes’ reflections being a bit strong. But overall it’s awesome! Very detailed and beautiful!


Wonderful as usual :slight_smile:

The second I saw the picture on the frontpage I new it was one of your work. You really have your own style that is recognizable among all.

Congratulations !


Now thats really realy beautiful. Bravo*****