Cold Fear Videogame Concept Art, Aleksi Briclot (2D)


:buttrock: awesom blood on the creature!!! very dinamic, congratulations;]


Aleksi t’es sur Cgtalk !?
me rappelle qq chose cette image :slight_smile:

j’espere que ca c’est bien terminé pour toi jeudi…


bravo Aleksi, superbe boulot! Allez poste en d’autres, je sais que tu en as plein sous le coude :wink:

et Benj? il pourrait en poster lui aussi!
good work Aleksi, i love your style, keep it up!

baby? toujours vivant? :wink:


hello Aleksi

good , very good illustration,
c est une des image que j’affectionne le plus , bon travail du details.


Absolutely stunning. I’ve been looking and looking at the picture, but I couldn’t find any “flaws”. Five stars from me!

It’s artwork like this that make me want to sit down and practice all night long. It’s very inspiring. Thanks for posting it! =)

Btw, how long did it take?


that’s freakin’ good dear compatriote…
Very nice dynamic. Like it a lot.
Colours and light as well. The impact effect is really good, no funky faked motionBlur, this alone deserves a bunch of stars…


[QUOTE=Aleksi Briclot]
awesome work man, u rock. people like u make us the tension in it.


awesome work,i love it. u people make us d tension in it.


I love the sense of motion that you have created (mainly with the blood splatter, I think) and also the sense of drama. Good stuff.


wow man, that looks so damn cool… very good work, love it! :thumbsup:


very nice Aleksi, i like the dinamism. I’m playing this game right now and it’s very cool, like The Thing but in a ship :D.


excellent work here
i love the game and i must say, the atmosphere is in the picture:thumbsup:


The action in this piece is so amazing! The whole painting seems to be following one smooth motion. Incredible stuff :slight_smile:


Super very dynamic painting, congratulation.



that is really awesome, another 5star :thumbsup:


Thanks everybody for the kind words !!

professor Falken : a true compliment. Dan is a tue master of his kind.

NOOB! thanks. the next one will be far better.

mushroomboy : I agree. But it works with the strong contrast.

Kansai : Making tutorials take time. I do some of them when I can.

InAction, White blazer, MrWaRrDog : : WOW ! Glad you like the game. The Darkworks crew is some of the best I 've worked with. A lot of really talented people have worked and are still working in this studio.

White dragon : I’ll post more about Cold Fear. tons of other production works to show.

baby : thanks :wink: I’m not sure but it’s my first post on this board.

pascal : Thanks ! :wink: Benjamin and I have a lot of picture to show. We can only show our concept arts when they’ve been already used as promotionnal pictures by Ubisoft for the communication. A lot of them have been already printed in videogames magazines.
But for showing the COLD FEAR works, we need to go through the “official” way.
It could have been some good news article on CGtalk (featured story part) ? :wink:

nuro : thanks :wink:

Sunbane : it depends. We have between one and 3 days for the concept environments and character designs (posing + modelsheet). This one is particular because it’s more like an illustration. it’s certainly the artwork that was the most difficult on ColdFear, not exactly because of the subject but because I’ve done it just in the same time of a lot of others pictures and never completly focused on it, between huge marketing requests on the box cover and other stuff.


Great action scene!
Shading is great!



this is so awesome. i want to play the game now. no. i mean now. hehe. do you have more?


Great job Aleksi, you are a PRO.:thumbsup:

Now i want that game so bad…:bounce:


outstanding cg man very nice pics u have feels like dark spawn