Cold Fear Videogame Concept Art, Aleksi Briclot (2D)


Title: Cold Fear Videogame Concept Art
Name: Aleksi Briclot
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

I’ve seen some good picture posted here and inspired by the videogame called COLD FEAR on which I’ve worked.
Good Job Alexei ! :slight_smile:

Here is an official image I’ve done for the game, developped by Darkworks for Ubisoft.
With the main character and introducing a dark creature that I’ve designed too.
This one is focused on a violent action scene.
All digital.


amazing! such dinamics… wooh… COOL


very cool!!! i love it!:thumbsup:


nice style ,it remember me to Dan Milligan ,

beautiful work ,…congratulations!

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5 STARS!! :thumbsup:


Great job!:thumbsup:


amazing,i luv ur spawn work too.


I wish I had some of your talent. Beautiful job!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice work!But the pistol I think needs more details ,I mean its components don’t look like working to fire.


This is absolutely amazing. No crits at all. For me i’d say this deserves a perfect 5/5. :thumbsup:


Thats bad ass.


I agree with everyone else here very hot piece of work you have posted here. Checked your site also your spawn work is excellent and the other concept work is very insperational. thanx for sharing care to share some tips about the making of the posted image brushes you used brush settings colors etc. Great work


Whoa. Nice. Great poses, and I love the lighting.
Not much more to say. :slight_smile:


I must say that Cold Fear was the best game I’ve played for a long time. I’m now playing on hard and if I can manage on extreme. I actually took the time to look through all the extra content as well. This concept and all that we could see in the game is astonishing! Keep up the good work, both you and Darkworks. :thumbsup:


WOW, this is amazing. Great Job.


WOW! that’s some awesome stuff man. I love the movement in this piece and your beastie is a great design… FANTASTIC !


Quality work.

I still need to play the game :bounce:


This is awesome! :thumbsup: Such dynamism and sence of motion! Really great piece! from me! :buttrock:


as I said to you before over one the board, this is excellent stuff, much deserving of the front page spot! :slight_smile: You should defently post some of the other Cold Fear pictures up, along with the final in game shots as they’re a credit to both yourself and the environment artists that worked on the game!



really cool work, love the style and lighting is really well done!