Col. S. Bird, Peter Fendrik (3D)


Title: Col. S. Bird
Name: Peter Fendrik
Country: Hungary
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D

Bird saga continued.
I used Cinema4D, BodyPaint, and photosop. Post work only the hair color, and overal color correction. Comments are most welcome. thanks.


Cool work! :slight_smile:

However I think the skin between Cheekbone and neck looks a bit weird. This crease running under the cheekbone from one ear to the other does look a bit too unnatural. Maybe you should smooth this a bit :slight_smile:

Other than that a really glorious image :slight_smile:


Fabulous work as always !!:thumbsup:


very original chracters, as always, good works pupii




Szia Pupi!
The third part is also five-star-quoted! Congrat! :applause:


Very cool!

The embroidered insignia on the collar is just awesome. Great attention to detail.


man, when are you going to do a short with these charecters?
as said above the crease under the ear looks abit strange.
keep it up


The only style, fantastic work,

5 stars!



expose stuff:thumbsup:


szia, éreztem én a remegést az erőben…!

congrats! 5 stars…


wow man, just amazing! love the colors and the ‘ironically tuch’ of it, very nice! :thumbsup:


Wow! Very great work!! :thumbsup: 5star

Mostmar lecserelhetem az Earl Bird-es hatteremet:)


Awesome stylised model. Lighting and texturing are great as well. Keep up the great work.:thumbsup:


the clothing on all of your characters is just marvelous, I agree with neofisk that the collar embroidery is topnotch


Nice work, love it!

Greetz, Novak


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

I’m soooooooo happy !!!


Very, Very cool image!


AWESOME! :slight_smile:

I especially like the scar on his face!


hi pupii, fantastic work :slight_smile: bravo :thumbsup: