cohen(the barbarian)


i started a figure that is based on Teery Pratchetts book (The Last Hero) and illustrated by Paul Kidby,
kidby based the look of cohen from my friend Kev (i think)
so i am doing a portrait of my friend.(in my way)
early stage yet, hope you like it.


Is this him?

great work on the model, can’t wait to see the textures. Just one thing i’m sure if it was intentional; I understand this guy is supposed to be a paradoy on Conan, but is he supposed to suffering from gynecomastia?


hahahaha. very good.


i dont now that fancy word, but i wanted kev (my mate on the picture) to have the cartoon look. thanks :thumbsup:


AHAHAHAHHA, superb ! Knowing the books and the statue, it’s gonna be really good !


That looks great.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you progress on this :slight_smile:


Excellent character. I love him. He looks very natural, and close to the realms.


thanks, i dont now if i should finish him or start some friends to him first(the horde)
i am going to do at least 2 friends.
so what do you think, finish him by himself, or whith friends.
need aquik answer. see you all, Teery Pratchett fans ,and all the rest to. :thumbsup:


Finish him
(souds like Mortal Kombat text :slight_smile:
I love your works, but there is lot of unfinished pictures, and characters. What about sneaky baby (i love this boy)?
ps. sorry for my english


This is very nice!

Have you ever thought of taking your models to someone who can make a Wax prototype and you could sell these as statue?


thanks. i like have a lot of things going on in the evening. so it depends on what mood i am in,
what figure i work on. yes, sneaky is mad on me, brother done and him left all by himself.
i youst do this for fun. if i wanted a figure for sale i think i do it by hand sculpting,
but maby i going to do my toy fairys as figures and resin them later,(but only for me).
see you.


I know what you mean i got a lot unfinished stuff too.
Maybe sneaky need rest? :slight_smile:


nice city you got on your web :thumbsup:
back to tread… two more caracters or not to this pic.?


It’s me again. :rolleyes: I know, too much me in so short time, it isn’t healthy. :slight_smile:
I start reading Kitby’s and Pratchett’s ‘The last hero’ (i’ve found this book on my friend shelf). I know Cohen before, but his friends from Silver Ord are cool too :thumbsup:.


Very nice, I like the expression on the face a lot. Is he going to be textured?



I think two more… :bounce:


You mean gynecomastia ? I think the guy asks if Cohen is supposed to have boobs :wink:
Your model is superb. It’s dead on.


thanks again, cohen kinda have hang bobs, and yes i am going to texture the (caracters)
starting the next guy tonight after work. see you :thumbsup:
ps… bringing your borgoth to work today (pum).


Sweet Stuff. I like it.


wow…your skillz are really amzing…this is a great model…good job mate…ill be watching this one :bounce: :bounce: