Cohen the Barbarian, Eoin Cannon (3D)


Title: Cohen the Barbarian
Name: Eoin Cannon
Country: Australia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

My take on Paul Kidby’s interpretation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld character, Cohen the Barbarian. This was done for fun and practice in my spare time and I learnt a lot in the process of creating it.


Looks fantastic! Nice job on modeling and texturing and the hair and fur.:thumbsup:


ditto, awesome work.


Great character. He has got a lot pf personality. The lightning on the beard is extremly cool and also the pose…


Amazing! I just finished reading “The Light Fantastic” 2 minutes ago!
The character is great, the lightning just perfect.
I only think he looks very strong here while in the book he made an impression of a man tired with life and funny in appearance, well… he could take care about himself of course :D.

Once again a fantastic work.
5***** from me.


I love this character from discworld cool job


lovely Character :slight_smile: very nice … i love Terry Pratchet Books

greetings turri


Ive never read Discworld, but this guy looks amazing. Really nice job :thumbsup:

By the way how long did it take you?


Very cool! :smiley: :beer:


did you create the pose in 3dsmax or was send to Zbrush and posed in there

could u explain a little bit ur process

nice work


ahahahahah very nice one! i love this character!

Discworld rules! Even the games were some of the most funny games ive played. Thinking about that, that would be a cool theme to make :)!

Ok, back to pic, its been said already, great lighting, modeling and texturing. I think it’d look fuuny to have him in a more weaker pose too.

A+ overall! it reminds my Bond…old Bond pic too :wink:


that’s very cool. your character should go fight with madail’s character. may the oldest win.


Thanks for the kind comments folks

Pixelatedkiwi - I started modeling a few months ago, then I got really busy at work and couldn’t do anything for a month or so, it was little bits here and there for the whole thing. I can only work in what spare time I get after hours unfortunately.

vmarines - I basically started out with a simple basemesh made in MAX and then sculpted and posed in ZBrush. All of the clothes were sculpted to get the basic shapes and then rebuilt in MAX 2010 using graphite tools. Once I had the basic setup I separated out the head to sculpt it at a higher detail. I used displacement maps in MAX on the body to achieve the sculpted details and also some cavity maps to help with creating bump maps

Some Zbrush shots


Nice work mate

  • Ty


great work !~


Great work! Pose and details are Superb!


Excellent character! The pose and lighting are amazing!


Wow, looks really great ! I would love to see a pose though where he was struggling to carry that huge sword. It looks a bit posed someone so weak carrying a huge sword so easily, as if the sword isn’t heavy.


No crits. He looks like a mean ol’bugger. Nice one!


pretty cool charater. only thing i would critic would be the shadows on the downer part of the beard. maybe it was meant to be but the end of the beard looks like a big rat tail :shrug: