Cogswell polytechnical college admission


Hi guys this is my first post in this forum, and I urgently need some advice. I’m an international student studying at Bellevue College.Recently I got accepted into Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale, CA with a scholarship of $1,250 per semester. Noted that my tuition including housing is around $11,700 per semester ( w/o scholarship). I applied for spring semester ( which starts in January 2014) but recently, I want to stay in my college to get an associate degree in arts and science (aka General education degree) first, since I only need to take 35 more credits . I know studying animation doesn’t necessarily need a 2-year degree, but I think an associate is a good back-up plan in case I want to change my major. Also, I got accepted to a student society, which is a good chance to find scholarship and networking. Unfortunately, Cogswell college does not let me defer my application ( however the information on Google tells that they do allow deferred application) and their advisor constantly calls to tell me that I would miss an opportunity, and getting an associate degree would only be a waste of time. I got his point, but he didn’t get mine. Noted that as an international student, I NEED degrees, and wasting 1 or 2 more years isn’t much of a bother. Sorry for such a long and confusing post, but I just want to hear what do you think of my situation? Is the advisor is too pushy? Is choosing to stay a good idea?
Here are my Cogswell portfolio. (My skills are self-taught)


I’m meeting some technical error with yahoo mail, so i’ll upload the rest later.


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