Cogswell College


Dose anyone know about this School? Hear any good things/ Bad things? maybe how much it costs? I looked all over on there site and nothing was said about the Tuition! If you have any feedback it would be helpful


Are you looking at the one in California or Washington? My understanding is that they are very different. I attend the one in Washington.


The one in California


Originally posted by DAbuel
Dose anyone know about this School? Hear any good things/ Bad things? maybe how much it costs? I looked all over on there site and nothing was said about the Tuition! If you have any feedback it would be helpful

I visited that place once, it was a bit far south, but otherwise looked pretty good. Why don’t you call them Monday to ask for more info and see who you can talk to about tuition, there’s nothing like talking to the people at a school to see if you like it, anyway.



Not as good a place as Spacely Sprockets…


Originally posted by Dearmad
Not as good a place as Spacely Sprockets…

can you elaborate on that?


He was making a joke. It’s from the Jetson’s, the old Hanna-Barbara cartoon show.

Spacely Sprockets, and Cogswell Cogs. They constantly were at each others throats about which company produced better parts.

Spacely Sprockets isn’t a real college. :smiley:


hehe! Opps! I knew that! Sorry totaly forgot about that!:shrug:


Whats really funny is that one of our 2d professors up here at Henry Cogswell is Bob Abrams who worked on the Jetsons


(I am copying and pasting this from another forum that was asking the same about Cogswell)

I currently attend Cogswell College. This is a good school and is definitely much cheaper than most art schools. The faculty is dedicated and motivating and the curriculum is arranged to give you what you need. The facilities are not top of the line, but I don’t know a single animator that doesn’t prefer to animate at home at their own workstation than at a school lab. If you are a self-motivated, driven student, you will do great here. If you need to have instructors hand feed you every bit of information maybe you are better off elsewhere. All in all, GO VISIT ALL THE SCHOOLS YOURSELF! Dont trust your parents :wink: Good luck with it


You are talking about the one in California correct? One important question is how good is their career services and placement program. thx for responses



Our career services keep a bulletin post with jobs or internships that are available to students. Since I haven’t graduated yet, I wouldn’t know the extent or solidity of the alumni connections, but so far I’ve come into contact with instructors that have pretty solid connections within the industry if you take the time to get to know them. To be as unabiased as I can be, I don’t think we have as strong an alumni program as say, VFS, but we do have alumni and former students at ILM, Pixar, Weta Digital, Dreamworks, Nikelodeon etc. that I know of. Cogswell’s curriculum is a pretty good middleground between fine arts & tech - it doesn’t swing to either side too extremely. All in all, don’t take my word for it - Cogswell is a great school for me, but it may not be for you so I’d say check out all the schools you can personally and casually ask kids on campus what they think of things. Often times schools have an underground publishing of student perspectives on classes/instructors/administration/curriculum/etc. So check out as much as you can!


How long is it going to take for you to graduate?


I’m actually on my fifth (and last!) year because I work full time simultaneously. If you aren’t on student loan, the tuition system here doesn’t charge you extra for extra time spent - everything is by the unit. I will be walking next spring (2005) so look out for my demo reel and short film then :wink:


I’m currently at Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA , i am a character animator there and i’m almost finished.

We have a very small facility of people, under 400 i believe, the teachers here are dedicated and know everyone by first name, your not just a number.

The pro’s are that you have teachers who know the industry and will tell you straight out what to do and how to prepare.

The con’s are that you can only GET what you PUT into it. If you try to coast along, this is for all art / animation schools, you can graduate but you wont know anything to get you a job.

All in all, if you want a school with a cheaper tuition, with a small sacrafice of the newest best computers, but a place where you can CALL and EMAIL the teachers any time you want and get a solid 3d animation knowledge, then I would recommend Cogswell Polytechnical College to anyone who is dedicated enough.


How are the computers? How old is the equipment


does anyone have any new info on cogswell?


In terms of equipment, I don’t think you’ll ever find a place that houses workstations better than your customized box at home, but Cogswell’s furnishings are decent. We’ve been doing joint programs with Nintendo’s DigiPen and updating the computers was somehow a byproduct of that relationship. We have a lifedrawing studio, a sculpting studio, recording studios, video studios, etc … but again, visit all of the schools on your list and decide for yourself. Some places have incredible studios - but terrible computer/student ratios. Some have flexible lab hours, some require you to be signed up for the class to use them. Some places expect you to use the same machine as everyone else - so shop around and decide from your experiences. Just be ready to ask the right questions when you make your tours!


yeah, good point man about the computer to student ratio. I would love to visit all the schools on my list but its quite hard when i live in kansas and they are all over the usa. ya know.


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