COFFEE | limited amount of memory?


I need to ask because I get a mysterious COFFEE error (14) Stack overflow.

In principe I have a coffee code in three blocks in one cof file (or COFFEE TAG, no difference).
One that gets information from the scene , works fine.
Second that use that information to stear an object, works fine
And a third block that stears about 25 other objects.

The problem is, all work fine using any two of the blocks.
I can activate any few lines in the third block and it also works.

I need block one, but can use either block 2 or 3 as well and there are no errors.

What I wonder, is there a limit of lines that COFFEE can use?
The complete code is 2100 lines.



Hi Lennart,
are you using a recursive function, is it possible that there is infinite recursion happening , or are you using very large arrays, it is possible that this could cause this sort of error. Basically the stack is a region of memory on which local automatic variables (the variables in the scope of your functions) are created and function arguments are passed. The stack is allocated a certain size in memory and if your function needs more space on the stack than it has been allocated it will overflow causing errors. Have a read of this to understand how the call stack works Sorry I can’t tell you what the limit would be, best to ask at plugin cafe.



Hi JDP. Thanks for the link. I’ve put the question at Plugin Cafe as well.
The code is a “one way flow” pretty much except for a regular searchmy Tag class at the top before execute(or Main in a coffe tag).
There is however loads of variables and 100+ userdata sliders (on the tags)
It’s only the first tag that has the running code, the rest only carries userdata sliders.

I do suspect that the stack gets filled.
By only using the first two code “blocks” (those are the main plugin function and work fine)and then adding “unrelated” code such as;

var obj1 = doc->FindObject(“object1”);
var obj2 = doc->FindObject(“object2”) etc
I get the Stack overflow after some 8 extra lines.

println(“hey there”); several times is no problem.

We’ll see what the response at the Cafe might be.



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