Coffee binge animation


This is a line drawing animation I have been working on in Flash…trying to work on the subtleties of character, etc. Now, I have almost finished this animation, just a little extra to add, but this is what I have so far (using a graphics tablet for this):

All the boils (save for one or two here and there…very few though) are all individually drawn with an onion skin outline visible in a different layer. That means A LOT of tedious drawing…LOL. But, copying and pasting seemed a cheat, and if all the boils are different then it won’t look like it’s repeating itself in a strange manner.

There will be a sofa in the background for the character to sit on, though it won’t boil, and colour will be added too.

Any comments are welcome. I’ll be doing shorter animations based on studies like this in future. 11-12 seconds plus is just too drawn out…LOL. Should be finished very soon now. Just need him/her to shrug.


More work done on it now, plus colour added. Comments are appreciated (and wanted ;)). I won’t bite…


the timing is ok.
why does the leg go up?
sure why not, but why not much further. why not both or the whole body as the caffeine lifts him up?

can we see an explosive reactio to the drinking of the cup of coffee?
something that really uses animation.

it feels like it might as well be live action.

knock my scks off, please, i haven’t changed them in a long time.


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