Cody Avery - Sketchbook


I’m back from San Fran/GDC. I learned a lot, got a lot of good feedback on where I’m at and made a lot of new friends/connections. I’m going to try and use the thread here like an actual sketchbook/journal.

Before I had left, Paul Richards gave me some notes on the drones. So I’m taking that into account.

I’ll take these to sketches in the next few days.


Golden! Keep the post going


Great sketches and lots of very interesting ideas with this drone, i like 01, 09 and 16 the most! If you are planning to finalize and polish some of them i am definitely looking forward to see it!


Amazing info dude! Very helpful too! Thanks for sharing!


Hey man, Really really like the designs. The shape language does concern me for a non-horror robot. I see this being touched upon in the feedback you got. I especially like the changes made on the left there.

I was 100% certain they had a stinger after I scrolled through the thread the first time. My brain just filled in Mosquito.
The thin legs leave me thinking about Mosquitos and syringes :frowning:
I went on a 2 minute google hunt for medical equipment. The rounded friendly shapes would definently be a better fit.

Last but not least my favorite medical robot and a real world example to go with him.
(Bob Ross did teach us all to put small friends together)


Travis - Thank you I will.

Klaudio - I am going to work up some designs to finish. Thanks for your input, I’m liking 01, 06, 09, 21, and 22 myself.

Adrian - Thanks, yeah I have gotten some more ref of less imposing shape language and medical equipment. I’ll post me ref sheet below.


I’m back to working through Kory Hubbell’s Character Concept Class I bought “on-demand” a while back.



Huge Fan of how you Combine and mix your stuff.
Got some pretty cool designs out of the bugs right there!


Thanks JeffHH, I need to put more hours into them to get them to finish.





10 skulls


10 trees.


10 animals.


10 structures.


5 rock formations.


5 fish.


Really cool sketches, nice feeling of perspective!