Code visibilty of objects in null?



I was wondering if there was a clever way of switching visibility of a group of objects within a null.

  • Turn them on/off in sequence so to start with only on is showing
  • Speed them up so that multiple ones appear at the same time (almost creating a blur at speed)
  • Slowing down again
  • They don’t have to morph or anything it’s just from one to the other very quickly.
  • The models are scientific shapes so they all have to be used…just trying to avoid having to keyframe everything :frowning_face:

Thanks in advance



Found the answer by using a cloner.

add a Cloner object

in the Cloner’s attributes disable Fix Clones (so your original object positions will be kept)

also disable the default transformation by setting P.Y to “0” (in case any other of P.<X/Y/Z> or R.<H/P/B> have a value then set those to “0” too; S.<X/Y/Z> should be at “100%”)

set the Count to “1”

now drag all your objects in order as children under the cloner object

(only the first object should be visible now in the viewport, since the clone count is “1”)

now you can animate the Offset value in the cloner to advance to the next child and to make that automatic: use XPresso (single tag on the cloner) and link up a “Time” node with a “Frame” output port to the “Offset” input port of the cloner object. And it should be all done and set.