Code Guardian Drydock, A.baldasseroni (3D)


Just finished for Marco Spitoni`s Code Code Guardian :slight_smile:

Max 5, Photoshop (3d Total textures)

C & C are more than welcomed !




baldasseroni, you are amazing!

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


that looks stunning, the only thing that seems odd is the colour of the water, it’s a bit too bluish-purple and doesn’t look anything like the colour of the sky.

Amazing modelling and texturing though! :smiley:


Nice man woo, you should get a medal. Amazing detail.:thumbsup:

I agree with KnickKnack though that the water looks a bit off for such a sky.


Oh my damn! :buttrock:

Another great piece from a favorite artist!


that looks really good. :applause:
how far are you guys from finishing Code Guardian?
can’t wait to see it:thumbsup:


Amazing work. My congratulations.
You deserve a rest and a good cup of coffee after that.



Amazing piece of work. Congratulations once again for the frontpage. I just can’t wait to see this film finished. It has a cinematic quality you don’t usually see in 3d shorts.
Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


I would like to see themesh can you post it? Great work :eek:


is the flag on the boat on the left backwards?

is this a composite pic or this entire scene modeled?


troppo TU sempre eccezionale

outstanding job great to see some of mine “paesano” pulling out this kind of quality,details details details
Holliwood shakes!!!

a char anim paesano form LA


Wow!! :buttrock:

The only thing apart from the water I noticed is the lil’ Lorry. Or rather it’s tarpaulin. It’s shininess somewhat doesn’t fit in, in my opinion…

Anyway, amazing work! b^_^d

Greetz, Ky.


Excellent modelling!

I’m not too sure I agree about the water - to me it suits the ominous sky.

However, the two “intact” posters on the walls appear to be painted on, rather than decayed paper.
And the flag being reversed. Other than that - speechless.


truly amazing !
you are all making a great team !:thumbsup:


And max could handle all that without crashing? … Amazing.

:thumbsup: Great stuff.


Eccezionale, un lavoro davvero grandioso! :eek:

Shaders and model are great… can you post a wire? Thank you! :slight_smile:


that boat has good reason to be drydocked :smiley: lol thats nice i’m so pumped to see tihs thing when its done.


took you how long to make from start to finish?


:buttrock: :buttrock: That’s a impressive work!


i’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to art, and i can honestly say that this is one of the best pictures i’ve ever seen here on cgtalk. the attention to detail is incredible! the style looks like one of the environments in the film ‘wonderful days’, which is impressive considering that film used miniatures for its backdrops.
i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the color of the water; the angle of the camera suggests that it would reflect the dock rather than the sky, and it does that well. it combines the dark reflections with the bluish refraction of the sky. the colors work.
great work, man.