Coconut Cocktail Girl, Axel Alonso (2D)


Title: Coconut Cocktail Girl
Name: Axel Alonso
Country: Mexico
Software: Photoshop

A pin up art I did for a monthly event about pin up art from the 50’s, I love that era, she is the representation of advertising in my head for my favorite drink “coconut cocktail” excellent for this summer!
I try to follow the “ice cream pastel” color palette since for me the fifties were good using those colors for fashion and art.


Hey Axel, cool image! Like a lot the color on your image, great! And the girl is really hot :smiley: The ocean water is really nice achived. Really cool work and i want a coconut cocktail with tequila!! :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


Thanks so much Fer! I had fun , I am glad you like her, I will do some improvements on the image like you so wise told me that could improve her look! Since I am geting ready for expose ! yay!:rolleyes: Hope so t least that some of my art will go through !

Tequilaaa with Coconut ! wiiiii! wait cant we mix those? Ooh well yaaaiiii!:beer:


Hey Axel Its nice to see you doing 50’s I like lots her swimsuit :drool: :drool: I want one in red please:cool:
I like the hot summer pin up theme you went for I hope to see more of this style from you , it suits you as well, since all the fashion back ground you got :bowdown:


THANKS Dulce! You know I work hard to achive some time for personal projects, I assure you I will do more like this it’s a great learning experience to do it ! :smiley: THANK YOu;)


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