Cockroach Invader, Marcos Falcão (3D)


Title: Cockroach Invader
Name: Marcos Falcão
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Well… to me that job was kind disgusting to get references or something about that cockroach. hehehehe Its full 3D and the idea is to show whats happening while you are not at home. :smiley:

Modeling: Luis Ramos, Flavio Calegaro and Hugo Dionisi

Shade / Texture: Marcos Falcao Filho, Luis Ramos and Hugo Dionisi

Lighting: Marcos Falcao Filho

Retouch: Raphael FS ( Faria Silva )

Big Studios . Client: Mortain - Raid . Agency: Euro RSCG - Brazil


WoW great idea but for real i would like to have a cook like this it;s creepy and i like it.How did you come up with this kind of idea?By the way very realistic Cockroach you have modeled.Well done and goos luck in future.I love this kind of work.


damned, funny, cool and realistic
2 thumbs up


Nice work! Very realistic. But I’m not sure if I would like a cockroach as a cook. Hahaha…


hahahaha,great idea , idont lik the Cockroach but i like this one… :thumbsup:


amazing idea man!
love it!


wow, very nice shading and good modeling.


i hope to see ur max file to learn this light how to setup it can u plz?


Very cool,Greetz!


I like the idea!
good luck on lunar new year :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehehe definitely an interesting piece from a cook who certainly makes a mean fettuccine. Though I kind of wish a human was crawling across the counter. :slight_smile:


Holy $hit that made me cringe :surprised… i freaking HAAATE cockroaches (yea… i admit it), and just a few days ago i was thinking that if someone made a movie about evil giant cockroaches (not singing ones like “Joe´s Apartment”) , i would scream like a little girl the whole length of the darn thing :blush:

This image kind of illustrated that. Disgustingly wonderful work. The textures and lighting are spot on. Congrats guys!

Originally posted by MrPositive
Though I kind of wish a human was crawling across the counter. :slight_smile:

That would´ve been really funny. :smiley:


Ahah omg I hate cockroaches, but i’ts a funny idea :smiley:



Catchy image, great 3D stuff, lighting, modeling, shading. Top work! Congratulations!


Could you show some more images? May be wires, or textures?



good work, my wife would have a heart attack if she saw that :slight_smile:


hahahahaha It was a pleasure to work with u marquinhos!

i’m so happy that people liked the job

See yaa brother =]


I agree with Mr.Positive, a human scurrying across the counter top would be great, but might push it over the top.

The only thing that’s catching my eyes wrong are the lights on the stove air vent, they just seem off, maybe their brightness or their light casting scale.

Overall, I dig the piece. Great job.


The movie you fear is called Mimic released in 1997 and it’s pretty creepy if you hate roaches, as I do.


Hehe funny. Reminded me of that old movie Joe’s Apartment. Muito bom trabalho!



cade a animacao?

(where the animation)

good job